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ZOOM Vegas Fever
Sold Out (Win95/3.1) (Retail) (VEGASFEVPR)

Encore Software


With Vegas Fever You Will:

1. Learn how to play. Now's your chance to discover and master all the most popular Casino games without risking your own money. More than finding out and enjoying how to play, you'll have your own personal gambling coach, John Patrick, teaching you the strategies and secrets of the Pros.

2. 26 entertaining games for hours of gambling fun.

Roulette - It seems simple, but there are many betting combinations and ways to play smart. Learn about "Action Numbers", Columns/Dozens", and "Dominants" systems.

Baccarat Learn to play the "High Rollers" game popularized in the James Bond Movies. Money Management is the key to playing this fast moving game where the action is tense and exciting and your bankroll can go up and down with lightning speed.

Poker - The all-time most popular card game. But in order to improve your chances to win big, you'll first have to learn how to play smart, use the right tactics and sometimes have guts. Includes Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker, 7-Card Stud and Deuces Wild or Draw Poker.

Red Dog - In one of the newest casino games, the game is easy and the action is fast. But to play well you'll need to know when to raise and how to manage your money.

Texas Hold'em The betting can be fast and furious. You're playing against nine opponents and you share all cards in the middle of the table.

Keno - Small bets can bring BIG payoffs. Discover some of the best winning combinations.

Slots - Everyone loves to play slots and that's why we've included 10 different and exciting slot machines in Vegas Fever. Enjoy Classic, Progressive, Bonus, Buy-Your-Pay, Casino Quarters, Fourth of July, Fruit Frenzy, Treasure Island, Luck of the Irish and Rags to Riches.

Blackjack - The most popular of all casino games. Vegas Fever has on-screen advice and a strategy table. You can have John Patrick "looking over your shoulder" and letting you know when you make a wrong decision. Advanced players can even learn and practice card counting.

Craps - The exciting and action-filled game of Craps has one of the lowest House Advantages in the casino. Click on any table area and John Patrick will explain the corresponding bets to improve your betting ability.

Simulations - We've included Advanced Casino Strategy with the ability to do high speed simulations of Blackjack and Video Poker. Set up strategies, play thousands of hands and instantly see how your strategies pay off.

3. Increase your odds of winning $$$ Some people win on luck, but the Pros win more and more often on proven strategies. Discover the secrets of the Pros. You'll learn about House Advantages, Money Management, the Rules and Theory of each game, plus the tactics and strategy used by the best players.

Can't make it to Vegas this month? Or just wanna win more next time you go? Either way, Vegas Fever is your best bet.


Solitaire Antics provides you with 21 of the best solitaire games ever invented, each with three levels of difficulty. Over 55 animations to keep you entertained.


Windows 95/3.1: 486 Mhz or higher, 4MB RAM, 4MB of hard drive space, SVGA display, Sound Blaster compatible sound board, CD-ROM, mouse.

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