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ZOOM Activision Game Vault Volume 3
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (VAULT3PR)

Publisher: Activision


Featuring Four Classic Activision Game Compilations

In the early- to mid-1980s, the Atari 2600 game console and the Commodore 64 computer housed the best games in the world, bar none. And Activision was there from Day One, cranking out Pitfall!, Kaboom! and dozens of the most hypnotizing games ever made. Now Activision's Game Vault 3 for Windows 95 -- jam-packed with dozens of Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 games -- challenges you set new high scores on your favorites and master the games you may never have tried before. Imagine 57 killer 2600 and C64 games -- hundreds of hours of gameplay that would cost you hundreds of dollars. Imagine playing all these games on a single, convenient platform. Imagine no more ... Game Vault 3 packs a mega-game whallop for small change.

Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack

Rediscover 15 original Atari 2600 video games - now for your PC. It's video-game mania revisited with gameplay that's as timeless as sore thumbs and unfinished homework... Relive the pithopping, river raiding, bomb-catching hours of your youth.

Action Pack 1 gets the ball rolling with some heavy hitters, including:

  • Pitfall!: take on the swinging vines, bottomless pits, crocodiles and scorpions in the original, old-school action-adventure
  • Kaboom!: dare to be the bomb squad -- catch quickly dropping bombs before they hit the deck
  • River Raid: pilot your B1 StratoWing Assault Jet to break the enemy (Soviet?) blockade before their troops change your lifestyle
  • H.E.R.O.: negotiate a twisted maze of underground mine shafts as you battle flowing lava and dangerous creatures on your way to rescue trapped miners
Atari 2600 Action Pack includes these 15 classic bestsellers of the video game era:
Boxing Freeway Pitfall!
Chopper Command Frostbite River Raid
Cosmic Commuter Grand Prix Seaquest
Crackpots H.E.R.O. Sky Jinks
Fishing Derby Kaboom! Spider Fighter

Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 2

The video-blast from the past is back with 15 pulse-pounding video games for your PC. Rediscover the fun of fighting off hordes of alien ships, drag-racing against the clock and skating for that winning goal. And now no one can tell you to stop - not even Mom!

Activision's Atari Action Pack 2 continues the retromania with:

  • Barnstorming: pilot a biplane through wild obstacle courses on your way to setting speed records
  • Keystone Kapers: the original hot pursuit game where Keystone Kelly chases the hoodlum Harry Hooligan all across the city
  • Megamania: a mission through the outer reaches of space to battle wicked alien foes and a dozen other games that take you from barnyards and race tracks to underwater and outer space
Atari 2600 Action Pack 2 features the following 15 video game classics:
Atlantis Ice Hockey Plaque Attack
Barnstorming Keystone Kapers River Raid II
Dolphin Laser Blast Skiing
Dragster Megamania Stampede
Enduro Oink Tennis

Activision's Atari 2600 Action Pack 3

Renew your license to thrill with these all-time favorites. Twelve sweat-producing, pulse-inducing games from your recent past have returned to knock your socks off - again. Get your gaming instinct back in shape with the next breakthrough in classic entertainment.

Action Pack 3 rounds out the Activision archive of Atari 2600 games with

  • Breakout: the all-time classic strategic twitch game
  • Night Driver: the darkest road you'll ever see -- road stripes alone lay out your path
  • Combat: the comprehensive wargame, where you operate a tank, biplane or jet in head-to-head battle through mine-riddled battlegrounds
Atari 2600 Action Pack 3 contains 12 classic video game favorites:
Breakout Double Dragon Space War
Canyon Bomber Night Driver Starmaster
Checkers Pressure Cooker Title Match Pro Wrestling
Combat Private Eye Yars' Revenge

Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack

Over four million users made the Commodore 64 the premier gaming platform and a home hacker's first love. Jam-packed with arcade action, exciting adventure and mind-bending puzzles, this collection contains the absolute best from computer game history.

Forget about the cassette-tape drive -- Activision has put together 15 top Commodore 64 titles that you can simply plug into your Windows 95 machine and get crankin'. With its massive 64K of memory power, the Commodore 64 was the bomb circa 1984. Activision made the games that made the C64 -- and here they are, in Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack. You'll relive why the C64 changed what we thought computer games could be, with such standouts as:

  • Hacker: Infiltrate an international network of espionage and nuclear secrecy just like a true-to-life high-tech burglar: via your computer and without any instructions
  • Beamrider: one of the first 3-D action games, where spaceships battle on a grid of obstacles and laser blasts
  • Portal: You return to earth after years in space, only to find that humanity has disappeared and only a computer's database contains the answers to the mystery
  • Little Computer People: Think you're responsible? This game gives you an e-house complete with a tiny occupant, who you must keep nourished, entertained and well read lest he die.
Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack revives the original computer game masters:
Alcazar Little Computer People Top Fuel Eliminator
Beamrider Master of the Lamps Toy Bizarre
Decathlon Park Patrol Web Dimension
Ther Great American
Cross-Country Road Race
Portal Zenji
Hacker Rock N' Bolt Zone Ranger


486DX2/66 MHz, 100% Windows 95 compatible system, 8 MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, 15MB uncompressed hard drive space, 256 color SVGA (640x480) VESA Local Bus or PCI with 1 MB RAM (Note: screen resolutions with more than 256 colors are not supported), 100% Sound Blaster compatible sound card, 100% Windows 95 compatible mouse (joystick or gamepad supported, but optional).

Tested OK on Windows XP.

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.