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ZOOM US Open 2002
Sold Out (Win98/Me/2000/XP) (Mini Retail) (USOPEN2PR)

Carapace / Strategy First / Infogrames

Step Onto a Championship Tennis Court

For the casual as well as the passionate fan, US OPEN 2002 combines responsive gameplay and stunningly realistic settings.

Playing US OPEN 2002 is like playing a match and watching it live on TV all at the same time (slow motion replays, umpire announcements, realistic player behaviour, crowd noise…)

With over 10 game modes (including 4 hidden ones), US OPEN 2002 offers a broad palette of pleasures, from the most classic to the most innovative. For example, the Career mode lets a player create a player profile (male or female) and take on the greatest players on the professional circuit. Taking part in training sessions and winning at singles and doubles will improve the player’s abilities as he strives for perfection and attempts to reach the top of his circuit.

The player created can then be reused in the other game modes. A password will be provided at the end of each career to enable the player to compare his performance with hundreds of others on the game’s official website.

Certain modes take full advantage of the Multiplayer mode (such as the ‘Challenge’ mode which allows the player to create his own tournaments) while others are pure arcade style (as in the ‘Two against one’ and ‘Race’ modes in which the player must defeat as many opponents in a row as possible in one-game or one-point matches).

In most modes, the player can unlock bonuses related to his performance (new modes, court types, locations, players, kit and videos).

StunningRealism and Authentic Courts

Thanks to the help of the teams at Roland Garros and the US Open, who provided exact plans of their stadiums, the development team was able to faithfully produce accurate models of the most famous courts at Roland Garros and the US Open, as well as 6 other courts with different surfaces (grass, synthetic, etc.).

This attention to detail can also be found in the game’s sound effects. Sound banks from the F.T.F. were used in order to recreate the proper match atmosphere: from the umpire’s appeals for quiet to the ringing of mobile phones in the crowds.

10 Professional Players

US OPEN 2002 includes 10 professional players, men and women, who play against each other at singles and doubles (and even at mixed doubles!). Their appearance and playing styles have been reproduced in detail; from their strengths and weaknesses to their abilities on different surfaces.


  • 2 official licences: Roland Garros and US Open, with 6 faithfully recreated courts
  • 4 main types of shots available (lob, top spin, normal, slice) as well as side spin
  • Ball behaviour tailored for different surface types
  • Realistic player behaviour based on their playing styles and preferred surfaces
  • Over 500 animations created with motion capture
  • Artificial Intelligence developed with the co-operation of a professional trainer
  • F.T.F sound banks used for background sound effects + Dolby Surround Sound™
  • 12 courts and 4 different surfaces + different locations + 3 training courts + 2 hidden courts (sand and ice)
  • 10 professional players (including 4 women) with playing styles modelled on their temperament and faithfully recreated physical appearances
  • The possibility of playing a man against a woman in singles or doubles
  • Arcade and simulator modes
  • Numerous bonuses (hidden modes, locations, kits, players, courts...) to be unlocked in all game modes
  • Up to 4 players in Multi Tap and 2 on PC (LAN)


Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP: PII 400 MHz 64 MB Ram 3D accelerator graphic card (16 MB, Direct 3D compatible) DirectX 8 compatible sound card 8X CD-ROM DirectX 8.1 installed.

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