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ZOOM Unreal Tournament
Game of the Year Edition
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/NT/XP/Linux) (Retail) (UNREALTGPR)


ESRB: Mature (Animated Violence / Animated Blood and Gore)


Welcome to the New Team Sport of Extreme Gamers

It's the game that won more `Game of the Year' awards than any other when it released. proclaimed it was the `closest thing to a flawless game'.

It's the only game that has the most life-like graphics, the deadliest `bots' (virtual teammates), and the bloodiest multiplayer mayhem. And now, the best of the best gets bigger and badder.

Includes Raging New Games!

Fight to the death gladiator-style with Rocket Arena; no extra weapons, no power-ups, no ammo pickups, no armor boosts.. Just you and your opponent locked in a battle to the very end.

Chaos lets you slice and dice your way through maps with a razor-sharp gothic sword, a long range crossbow and smiley-face mines that giggle and taunt as they chase your enemies.

More than 60 new adrenaline pumping maps, all rendered in stunning, realistic 3D details. No 3D accelerator needed. Plus scores of `relics' (unique power ups), wild new skins and much more.

And all of the thrills of the original Unreal Tournament:

  • You and your team of bots take on the deadliest warrior bots in single-player mode or frag all comers in ruthless online and offline multiplayer combat.
  • Face off against up to 16 players in head-to-head combat; no internet access required.
  • Four game types: DeathMatch, Assault, Domination, and Capture the Flag.
  • 50 Levels of battle, each one a work of art. Play them all in single and multiplayer modes.
  • Reality bending graphics and sound. Hi res textures and excruciatingly detailed worlds.
  • Big body count weaponary - more than 10 including the rocket launcher, chainsaw, and impact hammer (pounds opponents into mush).

Four Major Game Types:

  • Domination: You team earns points for controlling locations scattered on the map. Play team games in single player mode by including incredibly skilled virtual opponents or teammates who know how to play the game and how to work for you or against you for an exciting single player contest like now other.
  • Assault: It's all about teamwork as you and your team attack or defend gorgeously detailed bases. You'll get a clear list of objectives so you know exactly what to do. Seven exciting Assault environments including a high-speed train, a naval frigate, a futuristic station in the ocean floor, and a D-day like beachfront attack and much more.
  • Capture the Flag: Just like you used to play as a kid, only now you have Rocket Launchers and ASMO Shockrifles! Give orders to your bots or human teammates (eg: hold a position, cover me, get the flag or defend).
  • Deathmatch: Online or off, with bots or humans, this is adrenalized 3D action at its most pure. Taunt your opponents and cheer your team at the click of the mouse or by typing on a keyboard.

Single player mode starts you off customizing yourself and your bot team from one of 300 possible combinations of skins, models and skill levels. You and your team must fight your way through progressively harder competitions with different game types against the fiercest bots in the galaxy. Play practice sessions using any level in the game with up to 16 bots.

Rampage through 45 levels with jaw droppingly gorgeous graphics and high resolution textures that set a new standard for 3D action games. Supports the latest 3D accelerators using Direct3D, OpenGL, Glide and S3 Texture Compression. Unreal Tournament features high performance software rendering that does not require a 3D accelerator card. Also includes 3D audio support using EAX, A30 and DirectSound. A treat for your eyes and ears.

Detailed game statistics can be viewed in your web browser after each match - whether single-player or multi-player. See how you did against individual opponents. find your most efficient weapon, check category leaders, pick ups utilized, and much more. Want to see how you rank against the world? Log your stats globally online.

Getting in the game is Easy! The entire game user interface is Windows familiar and friendly. An internet game is just a few mouse clicks away. Configuring Unreal Tournament to your exact personal specifications is a breeze.

More than 10 awesome weapons of destruction, like the Redeemer - your personal cruise missile launcher. Fire a missile and then guide it to your target through the missile's video eye. The hydraulic powered Impact Hammer is great for pounding your enemies to mush. Try out the Translocator - great for telefragging opponents and teleporting to a new location. We've upped the boom factor on all the weapons to give you the maximum feel and firepower.


Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP and Linux*: 200 Mhz Pentium or AMD K6 200 MHz or better processor, 32 Mb RAM (64 Mb Recommended), 4x or faster CD-ROM or 4x or faster DVD-ROM drive, PCI Local Bus VGA Card (Software Mode) or 8Mb 3D Accelerator, 300 Mb hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space required for DirectX 7.0a installation if required), DirectX 7.0 compatible Sound Card, Network and Internet play via TCP/IP (28.8K minimum modem speed).

Requires a fix in order to run on Windows XP SP2.

*Linux version is included but is not supported.


Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.