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ZOOM The Unexplained
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (UNEXPLPR)



Examine the World's Most Mysterious Phenomena

Get ready for a close encounter with some of the world's most intriguing and frightening phenomena. An eye-opening, interactive experience that will make those little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Witness a UFO light up the night sky

See real photographs of ghostly figures

Marvel at baffling crop circles and ancient mystery sites

Hear gripping accounts of out-of-body experiences

A Wealth of Authentic Sights and Sounds

We've searched the world to assemble the richest collection of film and video clips, original photographs, sound recordings and eyewitness accounts of unexplained phenomena that you can imagine.

Immediately, you'll be drawn into the action as hoaxes are exposed, and researchers struggle to find answers where there appear to be none.

A Totally Unique Experience

The intuitive, easy-to-use interface puts every aspect of these fascinating and terrifying phenomena right in front of you. Immerse yourself in riveting stories about UFO abductions. Explore the real-life facts and stories that inspired The Twilight Zone, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the X-Files. Study images of auras, or of metal that has been bent by the powers of the mind. If they catch your eye, these, and hundreds of other supplemental screens can be printed in color.

Unanswered Questions

The Unexplained is a must: for anyone who thinks science has all the answers and for those who know it does not. Determine for yourself what is fact, and what is fiction. Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive examination of unexplained mysteries ever compiled on CD-ROM.

Ideal for fans of The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and Sightings

Includes comprehensive index and glossary

Plus, lists of additional readings, related magazines, research institutes and societies, UFO networks and www.sites

Requirements: A multimedia PC with a 486DX 50MHz (or higher) processor, dual speed CD-ROM drive, 8MB RAM, 4MB of available hard disk space, 256 color display, Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, mouse, headphones or speakers.

Does not work on Windows XP.


PC Gamer, December 1996

"Much broader than it is deep, this interactive exploration of mysterious phenomenon is a good choice for some. Those who entertain possibilities on topics such as UFOs, ghosts, reincarnation, and other nonscientific phenomena may find this product fascinating. Skeptics will not, but I'm including it here because it's so, well...apart...from anything else on the market.

"Although a company representative told me at The Unexplained's Electronic Entertainment Expo debut that the title took a hard scientific view of unusual phenomena, this disc, in fact, leans the other way. While it's not at all a sensationalized treatment, only occasional rebuttals in the name of science are offered. Still, it's a thought-provoking title, nicely designed and smartly presented.

"The Unexplained covers a lot of ground. Barring any interaction or exploration on your part, it runs more than two hours, topic by topic. The publisher, FlagTower, is British, and it shows - the presentation is clever, neat, and subtle. The program is dark hued and laden with images - historical paintings, photos, and videos - all of which emerge and fade in synchronization with the narrator's tale behind a backdrop of ethereal music."

Detroit Free Press, Sunday, July 21, 1996

"Well, 'The Unexplained,' a new CD by the interactive experts at FlagTower, is perfectly willing to talk about flying saucers and messages from beyond. But it's clearly meant for those who wanna believe.

"Unlike other, credible, FlagTower titles, this CD asks us to check our logic at the disc-drive door.

"For believers, the title is conveniently divided into six major categories, which provide a well-crafted and sometimes spooky overview of the range of things people believe in.

"In Strange Phenomena, we see many examples of sky visions, including photographic examples of the face of Christ in clouds, space and flower beds. We're also introduced to the theories of Charles Fort, whose 'The Book of the Damned' stories were rejected by the scientific community as illogical. This is not hard to understand given his theory that there is no such thing as coincidence: 'Not a bottle of ketchup could fall from a tenement house fire escape in Harlem without affecting the price of pajamas in Jersey City,' he writes.

"Earth Mysteries, which includes a discussion of crop circles, treats us to this statement: 'Around the circles, dowsing devices acted erratically.'"

"Everyone knows how popular the subject of the unexplainable is - just look at the ratings of FOX-TV's 'X-Files' for evidence. In fact, in a possible tip of the hat to that show, when the title dissolves between scenes, the 'X' is the last letter to fade.

"So enjoy the production values of this nicely priced CD. Just be forewarned: 'Unexplained' leaves its topics just that."

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