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ZOOM Under a Killing Moon
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (UNDERKMPR)

See Tex Murphy Double Feature

Access Software Incorporated



5 stars from Multimedia World

4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

Enter the Virtual World of Under a Killing Moon, where it is December, 2042 and you, as Tex Murphy, must stop the forces of evil before they destroy mankind and rob you of your next unemployment check. This thrilling and hilarious adventure is unlike anything you've seen before. The graphics quality, the fascinating, believable characters, and complete freedom of movement will make you feel like you've actually walked through the screen and become the main character in a rich, intriguing mystery movie.


4 CDs of unparalleled graphics and sound

Full freedom of movement, explore where, when and what you want!

Be part of an exciting comedy thriller!

Top-notch Hollywood talent.

Extensive built-in hints.

An interface that makes interaction intuitive and simple.

Full fidelity 16 bit 22Khz sound.

Requirements: IBM compatible 386-25Mhz, CD-ROM, 4 MB RAM, 2 MB hard drive space, SVGA graphics, mouse; supports most major sound cards; recommended 486 with VESA local bus, 2X CD-ROM, 16MB RAM, 10MB hard drive space.

Requirements: Macintosh - CD ROM drive (2x, 300 KB/sec), Performa 475 (Power Mac 6100 or faster recommended), MacOS 7.1, hard disk with 15 Mb free (30 Mb recommended), 8 Mb RAM (16 Mb recommended), 13" display (640x480x256 colors), mouse.


Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"In Under a Killing Moon, Tex Murphy, private eye, must investigate and foil an attempt by a lunatic religious cult to destroy all life on Earth. The cult has built a space station orbiting the moon, to which they plan to escape prior to loosing a genetically engineered virus into the Earth's atmosphere. After a few hundred years on the station, the intend to return to a newly edenic Earth."

"Almost every location in the game - and there are many - is a fully built-out, 3-D photorealistic environment that the player can explore with complete freedom of movement. Every word of text in the game is spoken out loud, often b well-known movie actors."

Multimedia World, February 1995

"Combining painstakingly detailed 3-D environments, tasteful video sequences, a dynamic sound track, and complete freedom of movement, Under a Killing Moon is the closest thing yet to a living, breathing, alternate reality."

"The cinematic interludes that break up the game are most impressive, featuring incredible animation and the talents of James Earl Jones, Margot Kidder, and Brian Keith."

"Under a Killing Moon sets a remarkable new standard for graphic adventures, and in my mind at least, puts an end to the quest for the Interactive Movie."

Electronic Entertainment, February 1995

"And the characters you meet are the most engaging of any video-based game around. Some of the dialog and sight gags will even elicit genuine laughter, a feat few computer games can match. You'll actually find yourself wanting to stand around and talk with the other characters just so you can watch their reactions."

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