Uncle Henry's PlayHouse

Uncle Henry's PlayHouse - See Puzzle Madness!



Tormenting Puzzles from Three of the World's Most Popular Games

Legendary Henry Stauf has found yet another way to taunt and challenge his brave visitors, with 12 puzzles from three of history's most acclaimed games - along with a 13th surprise you simply won't believe...

They've bent minds, quickened pulses, threatened logic and paralyzed the reflexes of even the heartiest gamers. And now, from The 7th Guest, The 11th Hour, and Clandestiny come 12 puzzles that led these ingenious games to infamy. Yet here, with enhanced sound and graphics, they're ready to wreak havoc on the wits of new gamers and veterans alike.

Your puzzling adventure begins in the dollhouse of mad toy maker, Henry Stauf, built in homage to his horrifying mansion. There, you travel room-by-room, puzzle-by-puzzle through its dark, mysterious walls, encountering the enhancements that Uncle Henry has ingeniously added - the quickened pace and animation in the Amazing Labyrinth, the powerful new sound effects in High Lights, and so many other maniacal additions. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the 12 puzzles, unlocking the door to the mysterious attic. For within, you will find the biggest challenge of all - a brand new, never-before-seen puzzle more masterful and menacing than its predecessors.

With three artificial intelligence games, powerfully enhanced sound, extensive replay opportunities, and puzzles that both novices and experts will embrace, this amazing playhouse guarantees hours of challenging play.

Join us, won't you? Uncle Henry is waiting...

Requirements: 486DX2 66MHz, Widnows 95, 8MB RAM, Local Bus video card (PCI or VLB) with 1MB of RAM capable of displaying thousands of colors and supports DirectX 2.0, double speed CD-ROM drive (which sustains 300k/sec transfer rate), 100% Sound Blaster compatible audio card, mouse. Recommended Options: Internet connection and good powered speakers.

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