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ZOOM The Ultimate RPG Archives
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (ULTRPGARPR)
[Windows is required for Wizardry Gold]


Games / Role Playing Adventure

ESRB Rating: Teen (13 and up) - Animated blood and violence

12 Award-Winning Role Playing Games

The Ultimate RPG Archives brings together the most impressive collection of award-winning computer role-playing games ever assembled in one box. The biggest and most successful brands and developers in the RPG genre are all here. It's a die-hard RPG gamer's dream, a great place for RPG novices to begin, and a must-have for every gamer's collection!

Bard's Tale Trilogy & Construction Set

You are challenged to assemble a band of inexperienced adventurers and lead them into an environment that is overrun with evil minions. It is up to you to build your party's strength, for they will need to push further into the clutches of evil to complete their quests. Included for the first time in one compilation is the entire Bard's tale on CD-ROM - The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight, The Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate, and The Bard's Tale Construction Set.

The Bard's Tale - Hall of Fame, 1985, Computer Gaming World

Might & Magic World of Xeen

Included are two complete games - Clouds of Xeen and Darkside of Xeen. This special version allows your characters to travel from one game to the other, and also includes new digitized speech.

1992 RPG of the Year - Might & Magic Clouds of Xeen, Computer Game Review
1993 Golden Triad Award Might & Magic Darkside of Xeen


Step into the mystery of Stonekeep and begin a quest through dark corridors, tracherous sewers and subterranean realms of fairies, magic and the living dead. You'll discover a world where darkness reigns and where you become part of a details story line that unfolds at your command

Editor's Choice Award Best RPG 1996 , PC Entertainment
Best RPG 1995, Computer Player
Reader's Choice Role Playing Game Of the Year 1996, Computer Gaming World

Ultima Underworld I & II

The first continuous-movement, first-person 3D dungeon action fantasies in the Ultima series. You'll walk, run, swim and jump through miles of sheer terror, casting spells, vanquishing foes and solving puzzles as you race through the magical Ultima setting known as Brittania. Included are Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss and Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds.

Ultima Underworld - Hall of Fame, 1992, Computer Gaming World
Ultima Underworld - 1992 Best Fantasy Role Playing Game, PC Games

Dragon Wars

Dragon Warfare, the most destructive force in the world, threatens to destroy the paradise of Dilmun. Magic is your only salvation. But magic is illegal and you are already imprisoned.


It's 2087, World War III has come and gone. As a Desert Ranger, you've vowed to help rebuild humanity.. but first you have to survive. Surprising subplots twist and turn towards a final conflict with mankind's greatest threat in this futuristic multi-character RPG.

Hall of Fame, 1986, Computer Gaming World

Wizardry Gold

DW Bradley's award winning and critically acclaimed classic epis - Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant - is now totally re-engineered and includes full speech, new cinematic sequences and music, and an entire suite of add-ons, tools and utilities.

1993 Role Playing Game of the Year, Computing Gaming World
1992 Fantasy Role Playing Game of the Year, PC Games
1992 Role Playing Game of the Year, Strategy Plus Magazine
1992 Role Playing Game of the Year, Compuserve Information Service
1992 Role Playing Game of the Year, Power Play Magazine
PC Games Editor's Choice Award, PC Games, December 1992


DOS: 486 DX / 33 MHz or faster, 8 MB RAM, DOS 5.0 or higher, 1MB SVGA video card, 2x CD-ROM drive, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard. Wizardry Gold requires Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Interplay NOTE: We apologize for omitting the copy protection from the Bard's Tale Series in the Ultimate RPG Archives. This update [Download (1.2 MB)] will provide you with the missing maps. These maps will allow you to bypass the copy protection in The Bard's Tale I and II. A cracked executable has been created for The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate and is named Thief.exe. To use this new Thief.exe, copy it into the default folder c:\rpgpack\bt3 or into the directory where you have installed Bard's Tale III. If you are asked to overwrite an exisiting file, be sure to select 'yes'. This will allow you to press to bypass any of the teleportation alignment codes that come up during game play. This will automatically enter the correct response and send you to the correct area of the game. We have provided you with the map and inside box panels for The Bard's Tale III as well. Once again we apologize for any difficulty this may have caused, and wish you well in your future adventures!

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