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ZOOM Ultima Online
Lord Blackthorn's Revenge
$29.95 (Win95/98/ME) (Mini Retail) (ULTIMAO4PR)

Electronic Arts

OnLine Game Only - Monthly Subscription Fee Required to Play!
Due to Sales Restrictions, Product is NOT Returnable!

- Blood and Gore - Violence

Evil Beckons. Do you answer?

Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge is the most exciting addition yet to the ever-popular Ultima Online series. For this version, Ultima Online partnered with legendary artist, Todd McFarlane – creator of Spawn, to revolutionize the game with exotic, fantastical creatures. You will enter a world under siege, where evil forces have aligned their powers in an attempt to conquer and vanquish the virtuous. Lord Blackthorn returns, corrupted by his own evil ambitions, as a half-man and all-evil tyrant.

Over 30 new monsters and creatures designed by McFarlane add a darker, edgier twist to the once familiar land of Britannia. A new land mass located in the center of Ilshenar is the setting for the beginning of this dark siege. Who will prevail in this legendary battle of good versus evil? Will you come forth to protect and defend the "virtuous" of Britannia? And what frightening and evil foes will await you on your journey?

Limited Edition Features

Limited-edition Lord Blackthorn action figure designed by Todd McFarlane bundled into the first retail editions of the game

Limited-edition, full-color collectible comic book produced by Todd McFarlane depicting the Lord Blackthorn fiction also bundled into the first retail editions of the game

Full-color, double-sided map of Britannia and the New Lands on one side and the expanded land of Ilshenar on the other included with all retail editions

Standard Features:

  • Over 30 new monsters and creatures concepted from the mind of Todd McFarlane.
  • Access to the land of Ilshenar for 2D players.
  • Over 30 new items to craft, collect, and trade.
  • New fiction tied to in-game events in which players determine the outcome.
  • Monster AI oriented toward strategic combat tactics as opposed to simple skill gain.
  • Improved new player experience with user-intuitive help and stronger starting character templates.
  • Exotic new mounts from the mind of Todd McFarlane introduced through fictional scenarios.
  • New digital music with an MP3-compatible file format.

Note: Windows NT/2000/ XP are not supported.


Windows 95, 98, ME: 3D Version: Pentium II 300 MHz or AMD K6-2 300 MHz 64 MB RAM Windows 95/98/ME 998 MB hard drive space 8 MB video card with Direct3D support (Voodoo cards NOT SUPPORTED) 4x CD-ROM drive 16-bit sound card (DirectX 8.0a supported) Microsoft-compatible mouse An ISP with a Slip/PPP or direct connect at 28.8 kbps or better

Windows 95, 98, ME : 2D Version: Pentium 200 MHz or AMD K5 266 MHz 32 MB RAM Windows 95/98/ME 2 MB video card (DirectX 8.0a supported) 16-bit sound card (DirectX 8.0a supported) 850 MB hard drive space 4x CD-ROM drive Microsoft compatible mouse An ISP with Slip/PPP or direct connect a 28.8 kbps or better

Ultima Online is an online only game, you must be connected to the Internet to play. An Internet connection is required to play. ISP charges are the players responsibility.

Electronic Arts also charges a monthly fee, separate from Internet access. The first month is included in the price of the game. You may purchase additional time using a major Credit Card, or personal check online. For complete subscription details and pricing, visit the Ultima Online website.

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