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ZOOM Ultima VIII: Pagan
Sold Out (DOS) (Retail) (ULTIMA8PR)

Origin / Electronic Arts


Voluntarily Rated MP-13, For Mature Players

A Lord British Game

On the world of Pagan, the Guardian's forces are firmly entrenched and his control is absolute. The rules are different here from familiar Britannia, and you must discover how to defeat the ruling Elemental Titans on their own terms, while solving the mystery of their enigmatic pentagram. The time has come to bring the battle to the Guardian.

A richer, livelier story in this luxuriously detailed world - we've condensed the essential elements of an Ultima into a fastpaced, thrilling adventure.

Intense magic and fantasy - you invoke runes, rituals, reagents and enchantments against an array of creatures from a deceptively small doppelganger to dire trolls and demons.

A closer blend of fantasy and reality than ever before - real-world physics and game play, including real-time combat where you make all the decisions.

A wide variety of movements that complement the greater role-playing realism. Leaping, climbing, running, throwing and combat are more convincing than ever.

Alone in a strange world - without any companions, you must rely on your own strength, dexterity, intelligence and magical abilities to interact with natives who have their own lives and schedules.

Incredibly smooth and lifelike animation - 400 frames of art per character (1200 frames for the Avatar) and 10 times the character art of any previous Ultima!

A new, more natural perspective.

4-voice digital sound that lets you hear more than one sound effect at a time - hear two sword strokes plus your opponents' cries over the murmuring of a nearby brook (with compatible sound cards).


486/33 or higher (486/50 recommended); 4 MB RAM (8MB recommended), 35 MB free hard disk space (program will not run off CD, must be installed to hard drive to play), 256-color VGA graphics, DOS 5.0 or higher, MSCDEX version 2.1 or higher, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster, MPU 401 general MIDI or 100%compatible sound card. For Windows 95 users: This product runs under Windows 95 with a DOS reboot. Documentation in on-disc (printer required to print on-disc manuals).


CD-ROM World, September 1994

"The artwork, sounds, and mechanics of play are impressive."

"The game-play for Pagan has all the ingredients you'd expect from this highly successful series, even if the story is a bit grimmer than the earlier ones. The Avatar has been cast into this world by his nemesis, the Guardian. As the Avatar, you must find a way to escape from Pagan, which has been torn by religious wars. This game involves more action than past Ultimas. Ultima fans will not want to miss this latest installment!"

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