Ultimate Domain

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Suitable for all audiences

A Medieval Adventure In A Realm You Control!

Once upon a time, blinded by love, the King of the land of Genesia defied the almighty gods. For the love of a treacherous woman, he had the tomb of the gods opened and the sacred jewels removed to adorn his beloved. But the wrath of the gods fell on the country and its inhabitants.

Today, three of his descendants are returning to the beautiful land of Genesia. Only one can obtain forgiveness from the gods by recovering the Jewels of Neort.

You have the ultimate Power!

As the leader of a small band of colonists competing with two rival kingdoms, you will need strategy, innovation, and perseverance against the forces of nature and the follies of man in order to thrive. In this primitive society, iron has yet to be discovered, the wheel is just a glimmer in the eye of your inventor, and military prowess is game years away.

You must design communities, invent tools, build a military empire, and defend your kingdom, But beware. One mistake, one missed opportunity, or one rash decision can doom your entire colony.

Requirements: IBM PC 386, VGA with 512K or higher, Hard disk (6 MB of free disk space), MS-DOS 5.0 or higher, 570 K free conventional memory, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse, EMS 2 MB free, SoundBlaster or 100% compatible sound card supported, CD-ROM drive 300 KB/sec transfer rate.


Electronic Entertainment, February 1995

"You work in real time in Ultimate Domain, so swift decisions are vital to keep opponents from gaining the upper hand. Strategy is significant, too, but not as much as in Castles II or Lords of the Realm. Instead, you have to think and move quickly to set options across multiple countries."

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