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ZOOM Ultimate Birder Deluxe Edition
Sold Out (Win98/Me/2000/XP) (Retail Packaging) (ULTBIRDPR)

Publisher: TOPICS

Over 900 North American Birds

Whether spying a Chickadee stealing a pinch of birdseed from the backyard feeder, or trekking through the marsh in search of a Purple Gallinule, millions of people around the world enjoy bird watching - novices and experts alike. Now you can explore the bright colors, melodic songs, and distinctive characteristics of thousands of North American birds with Ultimate Birder, a 4-CD-ROM suite including: North American Birds: Peterson Multimedia Guides,™ National Audubon Society Interactive CD-ROM Guide to North American Birds, The North American Bird Reference Book,™ and the breathtaking screensaver collection, Eagles Forever?. With hundreds of illustrations, over 700 birdcalls, more than 600 maps, an extensive fact library and more, this collection of birding guides and resources will leave you fully prepared for your next birding adventure. .

North American Birds

Peterson Multimedia Guides™ Roger Tory Peterson's guides present the most effective bird identification system ever developed. Now you can reference his amazing work on CD-ROM with North American Birds: Peterson Multimedia Guides.™ With detailed data on nearly 1,000 North American birds - including habitat, feeling, nesting, range, and status - you can compile a thorough study. The visual category guide presents eight bird groups to choose from: perching, non-perching, fowl-like, birds of prey, aerialists, swimmers, long-legged waders, and smaller waders. With superb photographs, Peterson's famous illustrations, audio files for over 700 birdcalls, video clips and more, you'll have the essential information every birder needs for a comprehensive and fascinating study


  • Roger Tory Peterson's commentary
  • Bird Finder
  • 16 video clips
  • Photographs and Peterson's illustrations
  • Over 700 bird calls, and more!

National Audubon Society Interactive CD-ROM Guide to North American Birds

From Red-winged Blackbirds to Belted Kingfishers, this visually rich, multimedia guide explores over 700 fascinating North American birds. Providing you with all the essential resources needed for a complete study, this easy-to-access program includes 2,100 photographs, 700 range maps, birdcalls, detailed essays, and much more. The 5 cataloging tools - color, life zone, location, shape, and size - help you easily identify specific species. Study the 62 distinct habitations where North American birds thrive with the Ecology section. Discover how birds have evolved throughout time with a descriptive multimedia presentation. You can even edit and print illustrated life lists, learn birding techniques, plan birding vacation, and more with the Noetbook feature.


  • Bird Browser for 723 North American Birds
  • Video Essays
  • 2,100 Photographs
  • 700 range maps
  • Notebook feature-edit and print illustrated life lists
  • Ecology studies
  • Index and Glossary
  • Information on Bird Anatomy
  • Birding Techniques, and more!

The North American Bird Reference Book

Uncover amazing details about rare and widespread species with The North American Bird Reference Book.™ This invaluable resource suits both the novice and seasoned birder, providing fascinating descriptions for over 900 North American birds. Before heading outdoors, quickly reference factual information and view over 700 brilliant photographs with the Bird Information Center, a comprehensive research library. Over 600 maps help you locate a specific bird's habitat, and over 400 birdcalls aid you in identifying specific species. You can even record the date and location of all your sightings with the Bird Utility feature.


  • 771 images
  • 626 Range Maps
  • Over 400 birdcalls
  • Detailed research library
  • Log book , and more!

Eagles Forever? - by Bill Silliker

Capture the beauty of these majestic birds with a collection of 22 breathtaking images photographed by renowned artist Bill Silliker. This revealing screen saver compilation is produced by Second Nature Software, which donates 100% of all after tax profits to The Nature Conservancy, an international non-profit organization. Contributing over $2.2 million dollars to date, Second Nature Software's donations go toward research funding, educational work, endowing preserves, monitoring, restoration, and purchasing land


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP: PC: Pentium , 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended), 80 MB HD, 800x600 high color display, 6X CD-ROM drive, Printer (optional), Internet Access (optional)

Tested OK on Windows XP.


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