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Top 100 CD-ROMs from PC Magazine 1994

Mark Twain. His works, his Life, his Times.

The Complete Works: Twain's World is divided into Fiction, Non-fiction and a Complete A-Z List of works. Included are full-length texts of your favorite Twain tales along with hard-to-find short stories, essays, speeches and personal letters.

Galleries Palette Menu: Lets you enter the multimedia world of Mark Twain. View a variety of pictures including Twain's associates and characters from his writings. Listen to narrative clips. Enjoy exciting video clips and animations with sound.

Time Line: View an iconographic history of Mark Twain's life.

With this disc's numerous search and browse functions, you can scroll down a complete list of works, sift through major characters or find all occurrences of certain words. Dozens of clever animation sequences are embedded into the written text. For example, as you read about Huck Finn rafting down the river, a brief part of the scene is played out in motion and sound.

In addition to the collection of works, the temper of the author's times and the little-known tragedies of his life are brought into focus with a wealth of photos and narration artfully integrated into the fabric of the written materials.

Requirements: 80386SX or higher processor (running at 16 MHz), 2MB RAM, 5 MB free hard disk space, 4-bit VGA graphics adapter with color VGA monitor (a VGA card capable of displaying 256 colors is recommended), MPC-compatible CD-ROM drive, MPC-compatible audio board, headphones or speakers, Microsoft-compatible mouse, 101-key keyboard, MS-DOS version 3.30 or later, Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or later.


Computer Shopper, February 1994

"Twain's World is a happy departure from the literary CD-ROM tedium of the past...It's a well-thought-out tribute to Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain), who not only serves as the role model for most of today's gadflies in print, but is generally acknowledged as this country's greatest humorist - not to mention, at least in Hemingway's opinion, author of its greatest novel."

"The written compendium id scholarly and complete. Unabashed fans of Clemens will be delighted to find that the disc includes both versions of "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," for instance. The original holds its own as an example of overstated American folklore; Twain's later rewrite, occasioned by an unflattering translation of the original tale by an unmitigated Gaul, is a satiric gem. Augmenting the hilarious text of "The Re-Translation, Clawed Back From the French, Into a Civilized Language Once More" is a wealth of satisfying critical, historical, and biographical background material."

New Media

"Melodrama, philosophy, wild romps across multiple continents - there's not much the brilliant Mark twain didn't cover. I've always found his writing to be superior entertainment, so I was delighted to come across Twain's World, a disc that contains all of his work - from the timeless character of Huck Fin to the more obscure Eve's Diary...Perhaps the multimedia aspects of this disc will provide the MTV generation with an 'upgrade path' to the actual books."

PC Magazine, September 13, 1994

"Buy this one for the text - not the multimedia effects. Twain's World contains the complete works of Mark Twain, including his essays, speeches, and letters, all of which are indexed for searching. The Timeline is a powerful tool for tracking the author's life, and the quizzes are good study tools. There are few video clips, though, and some of the cartoonish animations are downright offensive."

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