Sold Out (Win95) (Retail) (TRITRYSTPR)

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Virgin Interactive Entertainment / Expert Software



83% from PC Gamer

3 1/2 stars from PC Entertainment

Over-The-Top Brain Puzzler

Your hands shake. Your brain twitches. You try to resist the lure of just one more game. But there it is again. Up on your computer screen. And you don't even remember how it got there. Do you?

Face it. You're hooked on TriTryst.

This over-the-brink tile puzzler is so addictive because it seems so easy. Just line up three same colored tiles horizontally or vertically. Simple, huh? Problem is every time you place one tile, another three pop up. And then three more and three more, till you start felling like a hamster on a spinning wheel going nowhere fast and coming back for more. And more. And more.

So, if TriTryst starts calling you out of bed in the middle of the night. If you lose your job because you can't keep your mind on work. Remember, you can always quit. Tomorrow.

Mind-blowing features.

No two games are ever the same! Create order from chaos on over 100 rapidly animating game boards.

Get a quick rush with a single-player game or overdose on fun with multi-player network or modem competition play (up to 4-player).

Customize game play and set crazy time limits so your mind races like a feverish weasel.

Come out on top in progressive modes of maddening puzzler strategy.

Eye-popping gem, butterfly, glass, leaf and pebble tile keep the action fresh and frantic.

Perfect for home computers or laptops.

Requirements: 486/33 DX, 8MB RAM, 1 MB video card, Sound Blaster and 100% compatible sound cards, 2x CD-ROM drive for CD version Windows 95


PC Entertainment, February 1996

"The goal of this absorbing, well-rendered game is to grab, rotate, and place groups of three or more items (gems, candies, pebbles, leaves, etc.) on the board to create identical rows of three or more-which then disappear, making room for more."

"Network support lets as many as four people play at once. All players receive the same tiles, but when one player eliminates a row, blocking tiles appear on the opponents' boards. Avid gamers can invoke the Advanced, or arcade, option, which gives you a limited amount of time to make each move. But what makes TriTryst feel like something special is its solid-looking 3-D graphics and resonant sound effects."

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