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ZOOM Triple Play 99
$4.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (TRIPLE99PR)

Electronic Arts

Games / Sport / Baseball

ESRB Rating: Everyone


8 out of 10 from Maximum PC

Real Baseball, All Highlights

All New!

First Person Batting: Be the hitter

Improved AI: Smarter baserunners, fielders, and situational strategy

Multiplayer Competition: Play via LAN, Modem or Internet

Manager Mode: With point and click gameplay control, quick access to stats, tendencies, and pitch charts

Signature Moves: Stunning new player moves

Living Stadium Sound: Two man play-by-play plus ambient crowd, PA, and music

All Action: TV-style cameras deliver all the action


5 Play Modes: Season, Exhibition, Home Run Derby, Playoffs, and Career Mode

1300 stats for each player: From numbers to charts - and everything in between

All 30 MLB teams: Every team and their stadium, including expansion teams

1998 Team Schedules and Rosters


Windows 95: Pentium 90 or higher (Pentium 166 or higher recommended), 20 MB free hard drive space (100 MB recommended) (plus space for DirectX files, saved games and Windows 95 swap file), 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x CD-ROM drive recommended), DirectX 5.0 (included), Hi color capable 1MB PCI video card with DirectDraw 5.0 compatible driver, sound card, keyboard and mouse.


Maximum PC, October 1998:

"At first, Triple Play 99 looks maahvalous. The stadiums in TP99 are rendered with frightening 3D accuracy, right down to the signs hanging behind home plate. A slick interface allows access to the dozens of control screens. Buck Martinez provides realistic and witty play-by-play, chiming in with stats and trivia when appropriate. The players look and animate pretty groovy as well, but then you start to notice something distrubing: they smile - all the time. No recognizable player faces here, just pixilated toothy grins. And although the overall motion is smooth, even at 800x600 res, the players; fielding movements can be jerky, as if the 3D coding doesn't mesh with the game engine.

"Fortunately the robotic drones that pass for players are overshadowed by the bewildering array of optional features, such as hyper-detailed managerial control, home-run derbies, an accurate 1998 roster with downloadable updates, excellent AI, and more than 1,300 stats for each player. Internet play is a welcome new feature to this venerable series, control is easy with keyboard or gamepad, and the overal graphics are fairly unique in their accuracy and high quality. Zippy framerates and sexy textures take this baby clear out over the left field fence of your choosing. That ball is gone."

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