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$9.95 (Win95/98/2000/Me/NT) (Retail) (TRIBES2PR)

Publisher: Sierra Studios

Animated Violence


9/10 from Gaming Gods


The Ultimate Team-Based Action Experience Awaits You...

Building upon the award-winning Starsiege Tribes, Tribes 2 inserts you into breathtaking worlds where brainpower and teamwork are the only true keys to survival. Join an existing Tribe, start one of your own, or enlist in a new race added for Tribes 2: the BioDerm Horde. With unprecedented innovations in teamplay and tactical warfare, Tribes 2 summons your intellect and gaming prowess in unimaginable ways.

Take arms and fight alongside more than 60 others (either human or AI teammates) with all-new weapons, missions, gametypes and vehicles via the Internet or over a Local Area Network (LAN). Or choose to play single-player campaign and training missions designed specifically to ease gamers into action.

A completely new graphics engine adds tremendous depth and unparalleled replayability to Tribes 2. Players can also generate their own sophisticated maps "on-the-fly" using a revolutionary terrain editor embedded within the game. Further, community-building innovations found in Tribes 2 will drastically simplify recruiting, building and communicating with your tribe.

Date: 3941AD

The Tribes of Man face a new threat: The BioDerm Horde. Genetically engineered as a slave race, The Horde is driving toward the heart of the Empire in an explosive frenzy of rage and violence. Humanity must perish!!

Team Combat on an Epic Scale

Multiple Game Types: Favorites like Capture the Flag welcome new additions like Flag Hunters, Rabbit, Siege, and more. Translation: Huge variety. Huge replayability.

Vertical Mayhem: Use the jets to soar over canyons, lava, and mountains, and even propel yourself while underwater. In battle, go vertical to dodge enemy fire and deliver carnage from above.

Weapons: Several new weapons, including the Shocklance and the Missile Launcher, complement a revamped and potent arsenal of sniper rifles, mines and grenades.

Terrain Editors: Build your own sophisticated maps in minutes with a robust `Point & Click' Terrain Editor. Alter terrain formations (including composition and height), structures, water levels, and weather.

Communications Features: Tribesplayers unite with fully integrated communication features. Email your tribe members. Create and view tribe and player Web pages, Tribes 2 news, forums, and more. And in-game voice communications mean less typing and better coordination.

Single Player Gameplay: Tribes 2 provides an authentic multiplayer experience offline. Compete alongside and against computer-controlled `bots' on several battle maps or through an immersive single-player campaign.

Unparalleled Teamplay: It's all about dynamic play for you and more than 60 others. Adapt your tribes tactics, strategies, and individual player roles on the fly to fit the war being waged. It's the only way to ensure survival, and ultimately, victory.

Vehicles: Perform reconnaissance with single-seaters. Cripple enemy defenses with your team mates in assault tanks, bombers, and personnel carriers. Three classes of ground and air vehicles are at your disposal - and theirs.

Environments: The breathtaking worlds of Tribes 2 are tormented with real-time weather and elemental hazards, including wind, rain, snow, fog, lava, water, sandstorms, and lightning.

Innovative Gameplay: Compete in epic multiplayer battles. Coordinate tactics and strategies with teammates to defend your base, destroy your opponent's , capture their flags and guard your own.


Windows 95/98: 233 MHZ or faster, 32 MB RAM, 500 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games, 16 bit capable 4MB PCI or AGP video card with DirectX 7 compatible drivers, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7 compatible sound card, mouse, keyboard, Windows Media Player 6 or higher. Windows NT is not supported.


Gaming Gods by Bongboy

"In 1998 Dynamix treated us to the best ever team-based combat game, Tribes, sure it was online only and we all had slowdems, but that's how it should have been and it worked spectactularly. The netcode was tight and the gameplay was stunning. A tough legacy but Tribes 2 has lived up to it and surpassed, possibly being one of the few games ever that lived up to the 3 years of hype poured on it..."

"The new Tribes 2 engine is stunning, everything looks better than Tribes, there is less of that bizarre warping that Tribes level of detail reducer caused, and screaming over the landscape in a Shrike really makes you appreciate why it took 3 years to develop.

"One of the major problems Tribes had was queuing for the inventory stations, in Tribes 2 you select you want beforehand and stepping into an inventory station causes that loadout to be issued, so it becomes a matter of stepping on and stepping off."

"The netcode in Tribes 2 is very tight, capable of handling 64 players with ease, and more if the bandwidth permits. I have never experienced significant lag even on a 57.6 it was pretty smooth and a joy to play."

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