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ZOOM Total Air War
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (TOTALAIRPR)

Publisher: Digital Image Design / Infogrames


Difficulty: Intermediate

- Animated violence


4½ stars from Computer Gaming World

Total Strategy is Total Air War

Escape the confines of the single cockpit and take flight into any aspect of the Total Air War strategy where you control every key battle and command the war as it breaks.

Total strategic control. From the War Room campaigns unfold in real-time, with all the unpredictability of real war. Direct and monitor allied air strikes as they launch deep into enemy territory. Assess the purpose of enemy and neutral forces with the help of AWACS, JSTARS, stealth reconnaissance drones and ground based radar.

Total air supremacy. Make fast decisions from the AWACS airborne battle-station. Your actions are crucial as you send your comrades to intercept enemy forces. A user friendly drag and drop interface means identifying enemies, attacking and defending is quick and intuitive.

Total fighter action. Assume control of any allied F-22 from either the War Room or AWACS command. Experience the war firsthand as you live and fly by your reactions. With the award winning flight model of F-22 ADF the sensation is all the more real whether scrambling to intercept or leaping into the heart of an explosive battle.

The world's most complete and compelling simulation of a modern air combat campaign. Assume multiple roles, from tactical Mission Planner to Weapons Officer, AWACS Commander to Combat Pilot.

Features DID's latest generation of dynamic campaign simulator for unlimited player action. Volatile political situations and unreliable allies make for tense and unpredictable campaigns.

Multiplayer features include head-to-head, co-operative, custom-combat and modem play. Real world flight modelling, complete with thrust vectoring for tight dogfight action.

Custom Combat: Build your own missions with over 100 air, ground and sea vehicles to test your flight skills against. ACMI - instant play-back of all your actions, for easy learning and skills improvement.


Welcome to DID's Total Air War (TAW). TAW is an extremely sophisticated aerial campaign and flight simulation program expertly integrated into one very compelling game. It is the next step in Digital Image Design Ltd's proud tradition of award winning military flight simulation products.

TAW is as its name suggests - a total, integrated air campaign based on plausible (but fictional) international conflicts in the Red Sea theater. It is a fight for aerial supremacy that will test your understanding of the chief tenets of modern strategic air power planning and execution. Don't worry though, there is a lot of interesting theory and expert advice contained here to help get your campaign started off in the right direction.

All aircraft missions within the campaigns are created dynamically in response to high-level scenario decision-making processes made possible by the next generation of campaign artificial intelligence. These missions will vary in complexity and reflect the current strategic objectives, each of which will adhere to current USAF strategic doctrine. Thus the campaign you embark on will be non-linear in nature which, as no missions are scripted, ensures that no scenario will ever play the same way twice. Your control of the campaign will be accomplished in one of two direct action roles, one as a U.S. Forces Battlespace Commander aboard the AWACS airborne command and control platform; and the other as a U.S. Air Force pilot, flying the advanced F-22 Air Dominance Fighter aircraft. Both roles will test your ability to focus on achieving your strategic objectives through a balanced use of proper force and sound tactics.


Minimum: P166, 16Mb RAM, 80Mb hard drive space, SVGA graphics card, Windows 95/98/Me, double speed CD-ROM, Microsoft compatible mouse.

Recommended: P200 or higher, 32Mb RAM, Windows 98, 3Dfx or 2x AGP, AWE64, 200Mb hard drive space, 8 speed CD-ROM.


Computer Gaming World, December 1998

"Depending on whom you talk to, F22 Total Air War is an add-on pack for DID's F22 Air Dominance Fighter, a complete sequel to F22 ADF, or a totally new product. For all practical purposes, it is an enhanced version of F22 ADF, implementing a dynamic campaign engine with 10 new scenarios.

"F22 TAW's campaign engine features scenarios located along the shores of the Red Sea. 'Politically correct' gamers should receive a double helping of joy. First, the scenarios feature underutilized )in flight sims -countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalis, China, France, Yemen, Djibouti, and Saudi Arabia along with the United States, Great Britain, and Russia. Also, almost every country - even France - finds itself both an ally and enemy of the U.S. in various scenarios. Everybody gets to be the good guy at one point or another."

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