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ZOOM Tomb Raider
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (TOMBRAIDPR)

Core / Eidos Interactive


- Animated blood and violence


9 out of 10 stars from Computer & Net Player

Hot - Computer Gaming World

3 1/2 out of 4 stars from HomePC

Somethimes a Killer Body Just Isn't Enough

Adventurer Lara Croft has been hired to recover the pieces of an ancient artefact known as the Scion. With her fearless acrobatic style, she runs, jumps, swims and climbs her way toward the truth of it's origins and powers - leaving only a trail of empty tombs and gun-cartridges in her wake.

On this trail are the most breath-taking 3D worlds yet seen - where exploration, puzzle and platform elements blend in a seamless real-time environment.

Over 5,000 frames of animation on the main character, Lara, alone.

16 massive levels encompassing four continents.

Unique multi-target acquisition system.

State-of-the-art intelligent third person perspective cinematic camera system.

Multi-genre immersive gameplay.

The first real 3D interactive exploratory adventure.


An IBM or 100% compatible, Pentium 60 (Pentium 90 recommended), 8 Mb RAM, 20 Mb free space for installation, twin speed CD-ROM drive, SVGA VESA local bus graphics card, 256 colours monitor, supports all major soundcards and joysticks.


Computer & Net Player, February 1997

"When talking about entertainment value in games like Tomb Raider, level size and level design are the most significant factors. Even if a game looks awesome, short and/or poorly thought-out level maps can easily kill the fun. Again, TR delivers these components in spades. The 15 levels are laid out so well and sprinkled with so many secrets that Nintendo fans might mistake them for the work of Shigeru Miyomoto, the mastermind behind the Super Mario series. The puzzles that litter the levels demonstrate an equal amout of thoughtfulness; solving them might take some effort, but you'll never find yourself absolutely stuck. In addition, navigating the levels and solving the puzzles require that you use just about every one of Lara's moves. In short, TR is one of the tightest and most well-put-together action games to hit the shelves this year."

Computer Gaming World, February 1997

"In a world of Doom clones, it's always refreshing to see a different kind of game. What is most unusual, though, is when that game exceeds expectations and amazes gamers with its very different style of gameplay. Tomb Raider isn't really anything new. After all, it's a platform game with a mixture of Doom-style shooting, a little bit of puzzle solving and a great deal of exploration. What is new though, is the excellent execution and the sheer beauty of the game. The environment is true 3D, and in hi-res mode, this game shines with incredible beauty. The gameplay is also very nice and reminds me of Mario 64 on the graphically brilliant Nintendo 64. In fact, these two games play similarly, and while Tomb Raider fails to capture the true 3D movement and gameplay of Mario 64, it comes very close.

For those who've been living in a cave, or those rebelling against the hype, Tomb Raider is a 3D, third-person platform shooter, where you play a female adventurer, Lara Croft, attempting to find the missing pieces of an artifact called the Scion. Along the way, you'll have to navigate the treacherous terrain of tombs and ruins and fight deadly beasts and stranger opponents. The graphics, which are in breathtaking 3D, are spectacular when accelerated on 3D boards such as the 3Dfx or Rendition parts. Next month, we'll bring you an in-depth review...if we can tear ourselves away from the game long enough to write it."

HomePC, March 1997

"Accompany Lara and you'll encounter marauding rivals, vicious beasts - even a giant rolling rock a la Raiders of the Lost Ark - as you explore Incan ruins, the tombs of ancient Rome, Pharaoh's pyramids and the legendary city of Atlantis.

"The impresive 3-D graphics pull you into the adventure and lock you in their unyielding grip. Your perspective changes constantly as you move Lara down hallways or across crisp snowfields. Generally, the view is from a few feet behind her, but at times the angle shifts. The movie-like camera work as Lara dangles above bottomless shafts or leaps around a slippery rockslide adds considerably to the overall excitement."

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