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ZOOM TOCA Championship Racing
$22.95 (Win95/98) (Retail) (TOCATOURPR)

Publisher: Codemasters / 3DO


ESRB Rating: Everyone


7 from PC Accelerator

Full Contact Auto Racing

Want to experience the blackout inducing speeds and the bone jarring spin-outs of professional racing? Then climb into the hottest driver's seat there is and watch out for the flying hoods, tires and glass, as you race to victory in TOCA Championship Racing. Prepare for the race of your life, as you battle with all of the real cars, drivers, teams and tracks of the 1997 European racing season.

  • Burn rubber in high-res car models utilizing accurate crash physics and car damage
  • Beat the best, as the advanced AI races like the actual Touring Car Championship drivers
  • Drive the real thing, as you choose from 8 different (and 1 secret) manufacturer's hottest racing cars
  • Scream around the extreme corners on 8 real European Circuit tracks

Drive all the season's official high-performance cars: Peugeot 406, Renault Laguna, Audi A4, Volvo S40, Vauxhall Vectra, Ford Mondeo, Honda Accord, and Nissan Primera. Each car is authentically modelled and features full simulated handling of the real vehicles. Race through the full season Championship, Single Races and Time Trial options.

Race wheel-to-wheel in a pack of 16 cars on the world-famous race circuits: Donington, Silverstone, Thruxton, Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Croft, Knockhill and Snetterton. Every track is accurately modelled using 3D landscape data obtained by Ordinance Survey Solution Centre.

TOCA Touring Car Championship features advanced car physics including suspension dynamics, wheel spin, accurate collision reactions, varied traction, and realistic car handling.

Thundering sound fx and frighteningly realistic graphics set the scene whilst you race against the likes of Menu, Plato and Tarquini.


Windows: Windows 95, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM Drive, 14 MB Hard Drive Space, With 3D card - Pentium 133 CPU, Without 3D card - Pentium CPU and graphics card supporting low-resolution (320 x 240) 16 bit color graphics mode.

TOCA Touring Car

A Super Tourer is a mass-production 2-litre, four-door family saloon car. Under the skin though, they are highly sophisticated race cars that conform to the international, FIA Super Touring rules. They can be front, rear or 4 wheel drive, although the different drive trains incur various weight penalties to help keep the racing close. Engines are limited to 2000cc and 8500 revs, and the cars must be at least 4.2 metres in length.

To ensure the cars look like production models the body shells must be identical to a road car with a production run of at least 25000. The gearboxes must be mechanical with up to 6 gears. Turbo and Super chargers are banned. All cars have a strong rollover cage, double fire extinguisher systems and kevlar seats. Drivers are held in place with a 6 point safety harness and the windows have nets to restrict driver limb movement in the event of a crash.


PC Accelerator, October 1998

"TOCA has been one of the most popular racing sims in Europe since its release in late '97, and for good reason. Although not as sophisticated as high-end simulations like F1 Racing Simulation and NASCAR 2, this sim/arcade hybrid is still an absolute treat to drive. There are no in-depth garage menus or complicated tire wear algorithms to worry about, just in-your-face racing and lots of it. Based on the 1997 RAC British Touring Car Championship, the game is fully licensed by TOCA and features all of the factory cars (eight), drivers (16), and tracks (nine) found in the prestigious U.K. circuit.

"The real joy in playing TOCA (Volvo-bashing aside) is the highly entertaining wheel-to-wheel racing it offers, with some of the most superb AI drivers I have ever encountered. The blocking, weaving, and retaliatory tactics of these digital Schumacher wanna-be's is a uniquely enjoyable experience that elevates TOCA's gameplay above many serious racing sims on the market."


  • Wonderfully aggressive driving AI
  • Good car physics
  • Eats up only 30MB of hard drive


  • Relatively low-res graphics
  • No garage setups for gearheads
  • Lacks high profile with U.S. fans

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