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ZOOM Theme Hospital
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (THEMEHOSPR)

Included in Electonic Arts Top Ten Pack and Top Ten Family Fun Pack

Bullfrog / Electronic Arts


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Comic mischief

Balancing the Books and the Bedpans

It's a matter of laugh or death in the sequel to Bullfrog's best-selling Theme Park Design, maintain and manage a hi-tech hospital facility, making the most of limited resources and turning cures into cash. The Grim Reaper stalks the corridors, the ill have some very odd ailments, and the staff wants to play doctors and nurses together. No matter how you look at it, you're in control of a very sick hospital.

  • Detailed SVGA graphics
  • Compete against rival hospitals
  • Over 30 weird diseases to cure
  • Make a killing from your patients
  • Research and develop your own drugs
  • Create epidemics and abuse your patients

Daily Medial Journal

Case #235 - Bloaty Head

Cause: Sniffing cheese and drinking unpurified water.

Symptoms: Inflated noggin, excessive ear wax and migraines.

Cure: The swollen head is popped, then reinflated with a tire-pump-type of apparatus.

Case #67 - King Complex

Cause: The spirit of the King enters and takes over the patient's mind.

Symptoms: Big collars, lip twitch, wearing suede shoes and eating cheeseburgers.

Cure: Psychiatrist tells the patient to get a life

Case #983 - Hairyitis

Cause: Prolonged exposure to the moon.

Symptoms: Enhanced sense of smell.

Cure: Patient is shocked with a large amount of electricity that removes the hair and seals up the pores.

Case #7 - Slack Tongue

Cause: Chronic over-discussion of soap operas.

Symptoms: Tongue swells to five times its original length.

Cure: The tongue is placed in the Slicer Machine, and removed quickly, efficiently and painfully.

Case #606 - Transparency

Cause: Licking the yogurt from the foil tops of opened containers.

Symptoms: Flesh is rendered see-through and becomes very sensitive to light.

Cure: Drink opaque solution of melanin and FD&C Red No. 5.


MS-DOS 6.22 or greater or Windows 95, 486DX2/66 (DOS) or Pentium (Win95) (P133 recommended), 25 MB hard drive space (55MB recommended), 8MB RAM (16MB strongly recommended for Win95), VESA 1.2 compatible 1MB SVGA video card (DOS) or DirectX 3 compatible video card (Win95), 2x CD-ROM drive (DOS) or 4x CD-ROM drive (Win95), 100% compatible Microsoft mouse and driver, DirectX3 compatible sound card for Win95, Sound Blaster or compatibles or Ensoniq SoundScape supported (Sound Blaster AWE 32 recommended).


Computer Shopper, September 1997

"Ask any kid about his or her future career choices, and you can bet good money that the answer will not be hospital administrator. As a result, you may be amused by the release of Theme Hospital, a hilarious simulation in which you've been employed by the Health Ministry of Theme World to set up and run its hospitals. Your goal is to build an efficient health-care facility from the ground up, attract a first-class staff, and cure zillions of patients, thus making the venture a financial success."

"What makes the program so engaging is the charming graphics and the consistently humorous treatment of a rather morbid subject. Fortunately, the patients in Theme Hospital don't get normal diseases. You will, however, encounter such intriguing afflictions as Bloaty Head (an overinflation of the cranium), and even epidemics and natural disasters, depending on the difficulty level."

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