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ZOOM The Abyss:
Incident at Europa
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Retail) (THEABYSSPR)
$14.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Jewel Case) (THEABYSSPJ)

Sound Source Interactive


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Mild animated violence

A Mysterious Power. A Terrifying Disease. A Mutating Galaxy.

The Hunt for the Cure Begins...

In the midst of a massive terraforming project, the enigmatic NTI life form has uncovered something deadly: a fast-moving viral disease left by an ancient alien race to mutate life into its own image. The virus is intelligent. Adaptable, Predatory. If it isn't contained, all native life in the galaxy will perish.

As Bud or Lindsey Brigman - the 'Finders' - your mission is to return to Deepcore and the NTI Ark in search of some answers. Travel to the alien research lab at Europa Station and meet the NTI Caretaker and all of his endangered children. Hunt through the twisting passageways of Europa's core for the cause of the sinister disease. Equipped with nothing but your wits, you venture into dangerous alien worlds to search for the cure - and fight to survive.


Real-time, immersive first person adventure

Over 50 engaging puzzles and hundreds of rooms to explore

Four unique worlds provide hours of fascinating gameplay

Comprehensive story line is a continuation of the original movie plot

Classic animated look and feel, minimal violence and a heroic theme - an ideal game for the entire family

Beautiful cinematic sequences, lush aural soundscapes and a CD-quality soundtrack intensify the immersive environment


Windows 95/98/Me, Pentium 90 (P133 recommended), 24MB RAM (32MB recommended), 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended).


Just Adventure, by Stuart Yoder

"... In short, during a terraforming project on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, an alien race trying to build a new life for itself has accidentally uncovered a viral disease that mutates life, including human life. Your mission is to find a cure for the virus to save the aliens as well as the humans who are infected..."

"I found the puzzles fun and challenging. The main puzzle is, of course, to find the three ingredients that combine to make the cure. Some of the supporting puzzles were unique and very creative. As I mentioned, The Abyss is a hybrid shooter/adventure game. The shooting consists of using your weapons to stun the mutants, who are constantly trying to impede your progress. Since you are just stunning them, you only temporarily stop them while you try to explore and solve the puzzles. The mutants can kill you, and probably will several times, so save often. In fact, knowing when and where to save is essential to success in this game. Save often and save several copies."

"Now for my two major complaints about the gameplay. First, and foremost, is the interface. Are you so used to point-and-click that you just expect it and most likely are getting quite good at it? Well, have I got a surprise for you. The Abyss uses the keyboard for all movement and interaction throughout the game. This is very awkward and will take some getting use to.... Secondly, this game has mazes, and more mazes, and even more mazes -- too many mazes..."

"Overall, I enjoyed the challenge of The Abyss. I just couldn't sleep until I found those three ingredients for the cure. The shooter fans may not like that they are just stunning the mutants and not killing them, and the adventurers may not like the shooting, but I think Sound Source got the balance right. For all you adventurers who are not good shooters, just save often! Did I mention you should save often?"

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