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ZOOM Terminal Velocity
$12.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case) (TERMVELPJ)

3D Realms / FormGen


RSAC Advisory: Mild Violence - Damage to Realistic Objects.


4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

86% from PC Gamer

Take flight in this pure action game loaded with full-throttle excitement. Climb into Terminal Velocity now and you'll never go back to flight simulators that offer combat as an "option." Terminal Velocity IS combat! And without the difficult controls presented by all flight simulator style games.

Imagine flying at blazing speed above an alien planet, demolishing ground targets with plasma beams, banking through a narrow canyon with enemy fighters hammering your shields with intense laser fire, dodging meteors crashing to the surface, diving into a tight tunnel leading to the planet's core, and confronting a huge mechanical beast ready to blast you away with heat seeking rockets. Don't imagine it anymore - experience it as you play Terminal Velocity.


Super-fast texture mapped 3D flight with full 360 degree movement.

9 totally unique planets, with 3 levels per planet, and dozens of tunnels to explore. Over 400,000 sq. miles of terrain - incredibly large levels.

7 murderously destructive weapons, plus many other devastating power-ups.

Non-stop air-to-air and air-to-ground realistic Comm-Bat. Plus, play multiplayer games in special Commbat levels, which are specifically designed for multiplayer games.

CD version has high detail textures with 16 times the detail, to reduce pixelization.

Full digital music and sound effects (up to 44 KHz - real CD quality).

SVGA support (640x480 resolution). This is a Pentium reccomended mode.

70 Mb of 3D rendered, full-motion, eye-candy cinematics (CD only).

Supports modem, serial cable, and up to 8 player network games.

DWANGO support too.

RemoteRidicule allows players to send digitized voice messages to other players.

Requirements: An IBM or 100% compatible 486DX computer with 4 Mb RAM, a VGA graphics card, 24 Mb (disk version) or 40Mb (CD-ROM version) of free space on a hard disk drive, and a CD-ROM drive (CD version only).

Recommended: A 486 DX2/66 with 8 Mb RAM (16 Mb RAM for concurrent use of all high-end graphics options), VGA local bus video, 40 Mb free space on a hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, and sound card.

Controls: Joystick, GamePad, or mouse. Graphics: VGA and SVGA. Sound: SoundBlaster, Gravis UltraSound and others.


HomePC, February 1996

"On this rowdy roller-coaster ride of a space-combat simulator, you'll thrill to nine alien worlds and one strange spacecraft, unleasing seven powerful weapons on fixed and mobile targets, both in the air and on land. The graphics are stunning in high-resolution, fast-action mode. Mysterious pyramids, cloaked in shrouds of mist, suddenly arise as you approach; you can send your craft into a nosedive for a fly-by at tree-top level, or swoop through barrel-rolls to divert the enemy. It takes time to learn to control your ship, but once you're accustomed to all the twists and turns, Terminal Velocity offers endless action. Up to eight players can duel over a network, while a duo can play using a modem connection. You'll need 40 megabytes of hard drive space (another 70 MB of video files remain on the CD-ROM), but the game certainly earns its keep."

PC Gamer, October 1995

"On September 2nd, 2704, warships from the Earth's surrounding systems descended from the sky and laid waste to eleven major cities, killing millions of people and bumming out several dozen more.

"Sol's remaining defenses were assembled in a small retaliation fleet, with you - a TV-202 pilot assigned to the Ares Fighter Squadron - in the lead. After the jump to Bernard's Star, you open your orders and ... ah, screw it. None of this stuff matters, does it? All you want to know - all you need to know - is if the game's any good. You bet it is.

"Think of Terminal Velocity as a combination of X-Wing and Descent, with a healthy dose of Magic Carpet and Shock Wave thrown in. It's a roller-coaset ride with complete 360 degree freedom of movement, eye-popping graphics, digital sound and the massacre mentality of a Doom clone. It blends elements of flight sims and action into a package that should satisfy people who don't necessarily like either (or who love both)."

"As it stands, Terminal Velocity is outrageous fun; not entirely original or inventive, but a definite must-have for fans of first-person shooters."

CD-ROM Today, October 1995

"Terminal Velocity, FormGen's entre into what can be called the Terminal Reality game genre, is strikingly similar to Fury 3 but with one key differnence: It's smooth. And even though it runs under DOS, don't let that three-letter word scare you, because it also works from Windows 95's DOS mode."

"Overall, Microsoft's entry into the action gaming market isn't quite as grand as expected. True, Fury 3's packaging, music, and graphics are superior to Terminal Velocity's. For my money, however, Terminal stays true to its name by offering faster, smoother play in a new, genre-defining game."

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