T2 Entertainment Utility

T2 Entertainment Utiltiy - Sound Source Interactive - Retail - Win95/Win - $14.95

Sound Source Interactive/Simon & Schuster

Screen Saver

Terminate Boredom!

Morphing! Machinery! Mayhem! The T2 Limited Edition Entertainment Utility is here, and it's built to blow away boredom.

This specially-numbered CD-ROM, based on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, features screen savers, jigsaw puzzles, movie clips, audio clips, and best of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Start with a screen saver. Choose either an animated module or a set of striking still images and riveting video clips. Animated modules include desktop-destroying terminators, 3D endoskeleton data, morphing icons, wasteland wars, a terminator factory and many others. Set sound, password privacy, sleep time and other options.

Say "hasta la vista" to your system's sounds and desktop patterns. Use Personal Desktop to assign authentic sound effects and classic dialog to everyday system functions. Launch an application with the sound of liquid metal morphing. Make your Delete key sound like a shotgun. Select a stunning T2 'wallpaper' image for your desktop, then end your Windows session with "I'll be back!".

Open Jixxa, where you'll find 15 different jigsaw puzzles with rotating pieces. Levels of difficulty vary, and for the spatially challenged there are helpful hints and Autosolve. Start snapping pieces together with a metallic 'click.' Hey, a picture of a spine-chilling endoskeleton. Cool!

14 video-based screen savers from the movie

11 animated screen saver modules

Over 50 still-image screen saver scenes

15 jigsaw puzzles

Over 100 audio clips of classic dialog and authentic sound effects

36 desktop wallpaper images

Personal Desktop, Jixxa, Image Carousel, and other utilities included

Requirements: 386/33 running Windows 3.1x or Windows 95, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color monitor, sound card (stereo for qsound F/X).

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