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ZOOM System Shock 2
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (SYSTEMS2PR)

Publisher: Looking Glass Technologies

Game: Role Playing

- Animated blood, gore and violence


5 Stars from Computer Gaming World

from the Adrenaline Vault

A+ from Just Adventure

Sequel to the Award-winning Original System Shock

Judged by PC Gamer this year as the Sixth Best PC Game of All Time

Match wits with the egomaniacal cyber-being SHODAN (the Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network) in this unique combination of sci-fi horror role playing and first-person gameplay.

Incredibly Rich Science Fiction Role-Playing Game System. Detailed Character Generation and Growth, Inventory and Equipping, Traits. System Shock 2 proves that real RPGs can have incredible 3D technology.

Advanced Psionic Powers System. Distract and confound your foes with a dazzling variety of Psi-powers such as Cyber-Psi, Cryrokinesis and Force Wall.

The most detailed weapons simulation in any first person game: modify, repair and set your weapons to do the most damage possible. Choose your ammo wisely…your foes will.

Hack security systems, ship's replicators and sensitive data access panels, but watch your step. One false move can drop you in a world of hurt.

Incredible 3D engine featuring 16 bit color, colored lighting, variable translucency objects, AI's that can patrol and alert each other to danger and stunning particle effects.

A groundbreaking, easy to use interface that compromises none of the depth of the System Shock experience.


Windows 95/98: Windows NT not supported. 200 MHz or higher Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x66, or AMD K6 processor, 200 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games, 32MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive using a 32 bit Widnows driver, 4MB Direct 3D compatible video card, sound card with DirectSound support, keyboard, mouse.

Recommended: Pentium 300 MHz CPU or faster, supported 3D graphics accelerator, supported controller, 8x CD-ROM drive, 64MB RAM, 500 MB of hard drive space.

Supported 3D Graphics Chipsets: 3Dfx Voodoo graphics, Voodoo Rush, Voodoo 2, or Banshee, ATI Rage Pro, Nvidia Riva 128, Nvidia TNT, Rendition Verite V2200, Intel i740, Matrox G200, and most newer D3D cards.


Computer Gaming World, August 1999

"The sequel continues many of the themes that characterized the original. Once again, you are a pawn in a battle of titans, modified with cybernetic implants and stuffed away to heal up in cyrogenic storage. And once again, you're popped out of your sleepy time to face a world gone mad. You'll start with a simple weapon (a wrench in this case), find more interesting implements of destruction along the way, face computers and robots out for your blood, and go eye to sensory organ with all sorts of mutant and alien critters. In the end, you'll have to travel to the belly of the beast to save the day for humanity. All in a day's work for the spacegoing hacker, eh?"

"If you liked System Shock, or Thief, or you just like single-player games that aren't afraid to shatter genre boundaries, pick up a copy of System Shock 2. If all PC games were this good, we reviewers would be out of business."

The Adrenaline Vault by Chris Harding

"In the overall scheme of things, though, none of these flaws impacted my enjoyment. If anything, they kept me from falling into its alternate reality. Shock 2 has a special ability to immerse the player into a world full of believable terror, a terror so frightening you're unable to escape it or even cry out for help. It's a masterpiece of storytelling that is so compelling, you'll want to play it non-stop until you finish it. Irrational Games, Looking Glass Studios and EA are to be congratulated for doing what I thought impossible -- giving us a worthy sequel to the greatest game I have ever played. Is it better than the original you ask? No-- but it's certainly not any worse."

"If playing games is more of a religion than a hobby to you, meet your new bible. And on that same point, if you weren't a religious person before you started playing, you will be once you're done. System Shock 2 will scare the hell right out of you -- and you'll like it for that reason. It's like no other title on the market. Its design is fresh, compelling and oh so addicting. And did I mention it's scary?"

Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"The plot of SS2 is strong, well-developed and includes one incredible shock. I don't want to do anything to give the surprise away, but when it happened, I literally pushed my chair away from my computer and sat staring at my monitor, stunned.

"SS2 has many more virtues--a vast selection of fascinating of gadgets and weapons, a huge array of environments to explore and survive, a beautifully produced tutorial, a smooth and effective interface, a versatile and helpful automap, among others.

"Irrational Games and Looking Glass have produced one of the best games I've ever played. System Shock 2 is truly scary, smart, challenging, fascinating, and disturbing. I recommend it to any adventurous adventure player."

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