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Superbike World Championship
Sold Out (Win95/98) (Retail) (SUPERBIKPR)

Included in Electronic Art's Top Ten Red Pack

Publisher: EA Sports


Live to Ride - Ride to Win

Authentic Superbike Racing

All the Riders - Technical input from 1998 Champion Ducati team
All the Tracks - Every track from the Series, from Philip Island to Laguna Seca
All the Bikes - Ducati 916, Honda RC 45, Kawasaki ZX7R, Yamaha YZF, and Suzuki GSXR
Race for the Championship - Official points system and flags

EA Sports Style

Full Simulation Depth and Options
Single Race and Championship modes with user-configurable difficulty and physics.

TV Presentation
Multiple riding and replay cameras -break down the race from every angle.

Reap the Rewards as you Learn to Race
Get started in Action mode then bring in Simulation physics as you master the tracks.

Hardcore Technology

3D from the Ground Up
Rev up your 3D accelerator with detailed 3D bikes and track environments featuring real-time debris, weather, and lighting effects.

Full Bike Telemetry and Setup Options
Dial in the perfect settings for qualifying and racing.

Multiplayer Competition
Race with up to 8 riders over LAN, modem, or Serial Connection.

Requirements: Windows 95 or 98, 166 MHz or faster Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, or AMD K6 processor, 144MB free hard disk space (additional space required for saved games, DirectX 6 installation and Windows swap file), 32MB RAM, 2D 4MB DirectX 6 compatible video card with DirectDraw compatible driver, 4x CD-ROM drive (600K/second transfer rate) using 32-bit Windows 95/98 CD-ROM driver, keyboard, mouse.

Recommended: 233 MHz or faster Pentium, 32MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM, 402MB free hard disk space, DirectX 6 compatible soundcard with DirectSound support, 3D graphics accelerator or Direct3D compatible accelerator card with 8MB RAM. Supported: mouse, keyboard, Windows 95/98 supported gamepad (10 or more buttons recommended), Windows 95/98 supported joystick.

Required for Multiplayer: Network - (208 players) 200MHz or faster Pentium, IPX or TCP/IP compliant network, 1 CD per network game. Modem - (2 player) 100% Hayes compatible 28.8 kbps or faster modem, high speed serial port (16550 UART). Serial Play - (2 player) Null modem cable, high speed serial port (16550 UART).

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