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ZOOM Super 7 Pak Millennium
SoldOut (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (SUPER7PR)

Publisher: Compact


Compton's Encyclopedia 2000

Explore the World from home with an interactive, up-to-date resource. Compton's Encyclopedia 2000 is the standard for quickly finding the information you need. Personalized Internet features, easy-to-use online resources, unsurpassed student tools, and rich multimedia content make Compton's Encyclopedia 2000 a favorite of students, parents, and teachers.

World Atlas & Almanac 6.0

See the world as you never have before with World Atlas & Almanac 6.0. Here, the world's diverse geography and topography spring to life through more than 400 newly-updated, detailed, full-color political, multi-dimensional relief, and thematic maps. Plus, an in-depth almanac, complete with photos, videos, and much more.

Chessmaster 6000

The Chessmaster speaks! Chessmaster 6000, brings chess to life with spoken moves, hints, tutorials and the highly anticipated Illustrated Voice Analysis, an awesome audio/visual presentation of your annotated games. It's like having your own personal chess coach.

Dogz 3

Join over 2 million Petz owners worldwide. Dogz 3, the world's most popular virtual Petz are back on your computer desktop - this time with families of their own, Play Scenes to play in, and cool new Clothing and Accessories! Dogz 3 gives you all the joys of raising, training, and breeding an entire Family of Petz!

PrintMaster Silver 8.0

Create It Yourself! With PrintMaster Silver 8.0, you can create: greeting cards, posters & banners, invitations & flyers, photo projects, newsletters, and more! Over 12,500 outstanding images, over 15,000 images in the Online Art Gallery, & over 4,500 professional design templates.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 9 is the world's bestselling typing program. It's the proven, effective way to learn and improve keyboarding skills. Mindscape's Adaptive Response Technology continually monitors your progress; adapts the program to your strengths, weaknesses, and rhythms; and customizes each lesson to fit your needs.

BodyWorks 6.0

BodyWorks 6.0 gives users everything their hearts desire from an anatomy product. More multimedia. More educational tools. More information. All easily accessible. With the largest database, the most rotating 3D models, new video lectures, and an enhanced user interface, BodyWorks 6.0 will immerse its users in a rich educational journey through the human anatomy.


Windows 2000/98/95 compatible.

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