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ZOOM Submarine Titans
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/2000/XP) (Retail) (SUBTITANPR)

Strategy First / Infogrames

Game / Real-Time Strategy

- Animated violence


A Fantastical Underwater Universe

In the year 2047, a massive comet ravages Earth's surface and the remnants of mankind descend to the bottom of the ocean in order to survive. A century passes, and humans, resilient and enduring, slowly create new life in their cool blue underwater universe. But even in the still of the deep, one truth remains... where man goes, war soon follows. The cradle of civilization has spawned the seeds of man's destruction and now all the oceans of the world are not big enough for the embattled civilizations of the power-hungry White Sharks, the technologically savvy Black Octopi and the alien Silicons. Deploy armies, research technologies, mine for resources and set in motion a plan to gain control of this spellbinding abyss or find the fate of civilization and mankind dead in the water.


Three distinct civilizations to play, each with its own objectives, histories, units, technologies and strategies to master.

Innovative all-new unit classes and structures along with the ability to hide units and buildings in caves, under cliffs or above opponents creates new twists in offensive and defensive strategies.

A fully realized 3D underwater universe including 5 depth/elevation levels of iridescent swirling waters, winding mountain ranges, dimly lit caverns, cliffs, and dark tunnels.

An evolutionary dual control interface allows you to control individual units or entire groups as well as simultaneously planning production and launching attacks on the enemy.

Three zoom levels allow you to zoom into or out of the game anytime you need.

A powerful scenario editor and an intelligent random mission generator combine to provide an almost unlimited amount of gameplay.

Includes a complete scripting language allowing the creation or modification of custom player assistants and enemy artificial intelligence.

Massive maps give optimal strategic overview of battlescapes, supporting screen resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1280 x 1024.

Multiplayer action over Internet or LAN allows up to 24 players - including 8 opponents and 8 spectators.


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium 233 MHz MMX or compatible equivalent (Pentium III recommended), 32MB of system RAM (64 highly recommended), 140MB free hard drive space, 6x CD-ROM drive, Sound Blaster compatible sound card (EAX compatible sound card for 3D audio), 24 bit SVGA (800x600 or better pixel display) graphics mode, full installation of DirectX 7.0 and DirectXMedia 6.0, mouse or equivalent input device.

Multiplayer: minimum 28.8 kbps modem connection.

The Story

After the strike of the Clark Comet in 2047 the surface of the earth was wiped clean. Only a fortunate few tens of thousand humans survived, huddled in subterranean vaults and submerged installations.

Nature had yet another series of blows to land; a twelve year winter was followed by rapid heating of the earth's oceans and the melting of polar ice. Water levels rose by more than 60 feet and survivors on land were forced back to subsistence levels, eking out a meager living in inbred communities.

In the sea the survivors were more fortunate. The sea floor was little affected by the calamities on the surface and their computer banks of knowledge remained intact.

Gradually, by the new century, the two world spanning powers that had defied the Comet, and fought for world control, reestablished their power over the scattered undersea colonies. Two rival civilizations arose, the White Sharks, anxious to regain a position of world dominance and the Black Octopi, seeking balance with the earth and prepared to enforce it with all the weapons at their disposal.

The sides grew even more powerful with the discovery of Corium 276, a previously unknown element that had veined the Clark Comet and was capable of powering even more powerful bases and craft. Trade began with the surface and both sides used their technological magic to begin dominating large areas of the world.

As the sides grew they began to clash once more. Whilst at first conflicts were limited to battles of words the White Sharks remembered the destruction of their domination plans 60 years before. In 2105 they began building a military machine to wipe the Black Octopi off the planet and secure their position. The Black Octopi remained unaware, developing their technology and gradually expanding their industrial base.

Seeking new sources of Corium in 2110 the Black Octopi discovered an abnormally high concentration in the crater left by the largest Clark fragments to strike earth. Whilst exploring the region several subs were destroyed by unknown forces and the Black Octopi quickly sent a larger taskforce to investigate. What it found was an alien race of creatures with advanced technology that aggressively attacked any units in the crater area. Upon receiving this news the Black Octopi began building their own military force to halt the spread of these aliens and protect their holdings.

By 2115 the White Shark high command, unaware of the Black Octopi build-up, deemed their forces ready for war against their pre-comet enemy and launched a pre-emptive strike.

Reeling from the blow, but more prepared than the White Sharks expected, the Black Octopi moved part of their force to suppress the aliens and the rest to defend their civilian bases against the massive attack.

This is the world of Sub Titans.

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.