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ZOOM Sub Culture
$19.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (SUBCULTPR)

Ubi Soft Entertainment


ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Realistic violence



from The Adrenaline Vault

8 from boot Magazine

Once You Dive into its Depths, You May Never Surface

Dive into Sub Cuture and submerge yourself in a stunning 3D underwater world where scheming pirates, giant sea creatures, and warring factions threaten your miniature submarine. Can you discover the cause of your home's destruction?

An Action-Adventure Unlike Any Other

A highly original and futuristic storyline is intricately woven into Sub Culture's complex non-linear gameplay.

Over 30 expeditions are offered throughout the game by two feuding tribes - the Prochas and the Bohine. Missions range from pearl seeking and the rescue of captured hostages to saving a city station under a mutant fish attack.

Each mission creates a delicate balance in which you must decide what effect your actions with one tribe will have on the relationship with another. During the course of the game, both sides acquire weapons of mass destruction, wage a cold war that could incinerate them both and then unite to fight a clan of marauding pirates.

Customize your sub with over 30 weird and wonderful weapons, tools and machinery items. Not just your ordinary armory, choose from missile launchers, strobes, flares, an escape capsule, the Suck-O-Matic, an Electro-bolt and a Remote Operating Vehicle.

Engage in Sub Culture's trading market for money, machinery, tools, weapons, and commodities. Depending on the economy at any given point in the game, prices may fluctuate and different tribes and trading posts may have better prices available.

As you peruse and select missions, each adventure features briefings, news bulletins and occasional hints.

A Stunning World Beneath the Sea

Sub Culture's free-form 3D world is constantly changing and no matter where you are in the game, the environment continues to live.

Stunning aquatic life roam the sea. Discover more than 20 species of stingrays, turtles, giant eels, jelly fish, mutant fish and sea horses.

Underwater 3D environment is filled with natural dangers including an abyss, pipe networks, deep and winding caves and treacherous trenches.

Debris of human life litter the seabed - from old boots to old bottle caps - you will see how the humans are destroying your world.

Physics-based dynamics modeling yields a true 3D movement affected by such factors as currents, drag and impacts.

The landscape is rendered using 100,000 polygons, producing an extraordinary level of detail that adds to the realism of the terrain.

All objects have linear and rotational momentum as well as true-to-life buoyancy and mass.

Experience real-time lighting affects that simulate day and night. Atmospheric 3D sound effects and original music heighten the entire experience.


IBM PC or 100% compatible computer, Pentium 90 (P133 recommended), 16MB RAM, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 4x speed CD-ROM or faster, 80MB available hard drive space, 8 bit sound card, 256 color VGA or SVGA, keyboard or joypad. Optimized for 3Dfx, powerVR and rendition chipsets.

Tested OK on Windows XP. D3D version does not work on our GForce card but the high-res software version worked fine. There is a patch available which you will want to install for any operating system. You can download it from our web site at:


The Adrenaline Vault by David Laprad

"Sub Culture features a highly evolved sense of gameplay. The action is fast and furious, yet the player can draw back whenever they choose and focus on freeform activities, such as gathering commodities. The action is fast and furious, yet there is a complex system of economics and diplomatic maneuvering that must be carefully attended to. The action is fast and furious, but barging in with all guns blazing will get you killed -- and fast! A more careful, strategic approach is necessary. This multi-layered, in-depth approach is comparable to playing an underwater Privateer, and did just as much to immerse me in an involving gameworld as the graphics. Additionally, the game never gets boring..."

"Every aspect of the game has been finely crafted, and together combine to create one of the most unique and engaging game experiences in recent memory. The graphics, sound effects, and music offer a technological tour-de-force; the intense combat, shrewd economic and political scheming, and challenging missions provide captivating and challenging gameplay. The title offers a notable degree of depth, yet is accessible and completely playable. Most importantly, it is great fun. Submerge yourself in Sub Culture, and you will walk away breathless."

boot Magazine, February 1998

"Sub Culture is an open-ended game allowing players to accept missions or just explore their surroundings. As a freelance mercenary running dangerous missions, you trade goods at the various cities and bring peace to your underwater world. With war raging between the two undersea nations, the Procha and the Bohine, there's no lack of work. Trading is integral to the game, as the player must have a way to upgrade her equipment. You can make money through prospecting for ore, pearls, and scrap metal, or by completing the missions, which advance the plot. As the plot develops, the warring factions realize they're not each others' enemies but instead share a common threat, pollution. It's up to Bubba to clean up his world and destory the pirates polluting it."

"All objects and creature have been designed using realistic physics models, which affect movement through the water. Never does the player feel like he's just moving through open space. For example, if you stop your sub, you'll drift. This can make it difficult to accurately line things up, but at the same time it gives a realistic feeling of being in the water, further immersing the player into this deep-sea environment. Force-feedback support provides the final layer of environmental immersion, with collisons shaking the ship and explosions rocking your world.

"All in all, Sub Culture is a delightful romp through a beautiful underwater world that may leave adrenaline junkies hungry, but will certainly dazzle everyone with its graphics."

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