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ZOOM SU-27 Flanker
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (SU27FLANPR)

Strategic Simulations, Inc.



5 stars from PC Entertainment

4 stars from Computer Gaming World

A- from PC Games

Own the Sky!

From Russia comes the definitive military flight simulator.

It's no rumor, the Russians are coming, and they've got the most amazing flight simulator you've ever seen - it's the first flight sim to fly under state-of-the-art Windows 95 technology!

Modeled after the awesome Su-27 Flanker by a team of Russian aerospace professionals, Su-27 Flanker is being hailed as the most realistic flight sim ever for the PC.

A powerful, multi-level Mission Editor involves you in everything from single training missions to the planning and execution of full-scale campaigns - all in exquisite detail. Take the role of Pilot, Squadron Commander or Theater General, in this hypothetical Russia vs. the Ukraine shoot-out!

Whichever role you choose, stay alert! Your enemy, in the air and on the ground, is very, very technically accurate, deadly and tenacious!

Fly Russia's most powerful fighter and see how it feels to own the sky!

Simulation features:

Flight model of unprecedented accuracy - this is the definitive military flight simulator.

Powerful training mode covers every aspect of flight management, as well as weapons delivery techniques for all weapons.

Detailed briefing/de-briefing makes sure you have the latest information. You'll always know what to expect, what you accomplished, or what went wrong.

Technical advisor Anatoly Kvotchur is Russia's top display pilot. Kvotchur has demonstrated the Su-27 Flanker all over the world - no one is in a better position to ensure a simulation of excruciating accuracy!

Requirements: 486/66 (Pentium recommended), 8 MB RAM, and 1 MB SVGA card, Windows 95, 8 MB of hard drive space, 2X CD-ROM drive with 300 KB data transfer rate, 300 ms access time, continuous read, uncompressed hard drive recommended, joystick recommended, supports Windows compatible sound cards including the Sound Blaster family.

Not Tested on Windows XP - order Su-27 Squadron Commander's Edition instead.


Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"The first thing that strikes you is the complexity of the SVGA instrument panel. The many dials and gauges are cleanly rendered, and match the layout in the real SU-27 almost exactly, right down to the Cyrillic lettering and metric units."

"The weapons modeling - everything from guidance systems to missile intercept trajectories to gravity drop of ballistic weapons - is top notch. Over 35 types of aircraft ordnance are provided, and air defense systems are equally varied, including nine kinds of AAA and 13 SAM launcher types."

"Tinkerers will love the game's powerful mission editor, which not only lets you tweak your flight plans, but also create entirely new missions. Missions fall into several categories, from solo missions with fixed flight plans to huge scenarios requiring you to choreograph all Russian air, land, and sea assets in the theatre. After each mission you can pull up a detailed debrief report listing the result of every shot fired. Since so much is going on during a mission, this is a great way to find out what you saw from the cockpit. Some training missions are included, but most are extremely difficult, and any training value they have is from the school of hard knocks."

"Players desiring a campaign game or career mode are in for a disappointment. All the missions are entirely standalone (although if they're played in order, they do simulate a campaign scenario), and last no longer than a game day."

"For now, SU-27 Flanker will have to stand on its own merits, and it does stand tall. Despite some minor shortcomings, no other air combat simulation can match its mix of dead-on realism, competent artificial intelligence, and the amazing complexity with which the missions play themselves out."

PC Entertainment, February 1996

"The game takes place in the skies over Crimea, where Russia and the Ukraine are duking it out over control of the Black Sea. You get three sets of as many as nine missions that vary according to the setting you choose, from 'Pilot' to 'Squadron leader' to 'General'. In Pilot mode, you fly a single plane. Squadron missions let you control wingmen as well. In General mode, Su-27 becomes a military strategy simulation and puts you in charge of an entire campaign, commanding every aircraft on the map."

"Developer SSI also incorporated realistic movements on nearly every external aircraft part. Flaps and rudders move, an airbrake raises and lowers, external views show accurate weapon stores, the nose wheel turns while you taxi, and drogue parachutes flutter as they slow you for landing. Flight sim veterans will truly appreciate the realistic flight modeling as well."

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