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ZOOM Stuka Dive Bomber
Sold Out (Win95/Win98) (Retail) (STUKADBPR)

This program for use with Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

Publisher: Data Becker

Game / Addon

Take the Fight and Flight of your Life

Strap on your gogles and pilot a world famous dive bomber plane. Experience aerial combat behind the controls of a military legend while at home on your PC.

Historically exact cockpit reproduction and authentic scenery will make you feel like you're in the middle of a WWII dogfight. Feel the thrill as you fly one-on-one over famous landmarks. Choose a different fighter plane and plan alternate strategies. You may want to re-route to any of the other military airports in Berlin, but be sure to keep your eyes on the controls and your enemies because you're in the hot seat.


  • 10 historically accurate fighter planes
  • Historically authentic scenery and terrain of Berlin during WWII
  • Every major military airport in Berlin
  • Exact historical cockpit reproduction
  • Photo-realistic instrument clusters and controls
  • Handbook with technical and historical facts
  • Choice of historical WWII battles
  • Selection of weapons to arm aircraft
  • 3-D exterior views of aircraft
  • Working gauges
  • Easy selection of aircraft, scenery, and flight information
  • Technical specifications for each plane
  • Multi-player support
  • Challenging takeoff scenarios
  • Treacherous weather conditions

Pilot the Authentic Stuka Dive Bomber

Choose from 10 historically exact dive bomber planes including the Shark, Night Hunter, and Ski. Brace yourself for an aerial combat adventure that puts you in the middle of a WWII dogfight. Takeoff and land while admiring the authentic scenery of Berlin in the 1940s. Remember, high speed bombing requires exact timing for success and always be on the lookout for fast approaching enemy aircraft.

While on your missions, negotiate the approach to every important military airport in Berlin including Tempelhof, Johannisthal, Rangsdorf, Diepensee and Gatow.

Put the Stuka Dive Bomber to the test!

Scream out of the sky in a high speed dive and launch your rockets to wipe out enemy factories. Switch from guns to cannons and go head-to-head with enemy aircraft in a heated dogfight. And, when the timing is right, release the Stuka Tank Buster bomb to obliterate the enemy's naval forces.


Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, 486/66 or better processor, Windows 95 or 98, 8MB RAM, SVGA, 256 colors, CD-ROM drive.

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