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ZOOM Stradiwakius:
The Counting Concert

Sold Out!

See VRoom Books

Publisher: T/Maker Company


Ages: 5 and up (or advanced 3's)

Multilingual: English, French, German and Spanish


4 stars from Multimedia World

strad-i-wack-i-us n. 1. an interactive musical counting book, esp. a fun introduction to music and numbers 2. a collection of innovative activities, incl. a create-your-own instrument factory; 10 different counting, listening, adding or sorting games; tone-rows for composing tunes on 10 different instruments; a paintbox; fact, figures, animations and more. 3. hours and hours of laughter in any of four different languages. 4. inventive and imaginative way to explore music, singing and counting 5. a VroomBook - SYN. see FUN, EXCITING, ENTHRALLING -ANT. see DULL, BORING, OLD STYLE MUSIC LESSONS (the kind we all hated as kids)

Helps Kids with: reading, word games, languages, coloring.

Hi I'm Albert, a VroomBooks bookworm. Kids follow us into fun and surprising interactive books. Pssst, just don't tell them how much they're going to learn! It'll be our secret.

Pablo here! Artistry is my angle. I like to tickle kid's creativity. Music, Painting and fun - Wait until you see the masterpieces we make together!

Hello, my name's Wendy. I love word games and languages, and I love to share these with kids. We have so much fun that kids learn words easily, even in French, Spanish or German!

Language Certified - English, French, Spanish and German... switch at any time!

Requirements - For Windows: CD-ROM drive, 486 or higher, 256 VGA/SVGA color monitor, Windows 3.1 or later, 4 MB free RAM (8 MB RAM, Double Speed Drive recommended).


Multimedia World, January 1995

"Three little worms, Albert, Wendy, and Pablo, guide the player through a musical adventure featuring one clown piano, two steel guitars, and so on, up to ten. When you click on Albert, he fills you in about the background of a given instrument, while Wendy demonstrates the sounds. Pablo, the artist, lets you build an instrument or color it in; when you choose the coloring option, the paintbrush tool makes a delightful ploosh sound into the color you select."

"The multilingual, multilayered game lets children learn about numbers in English, French, Spanish, and German. With songs in all languages, it's also a great way for mom and dad to brush up on forgotten foreign tongues."

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