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ZOOM StarTrek: Deep Space 9
(The Fallen)
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/NT/XP) (Retail) (STFALLENPR)

Developed by Simon & Schuster

Game: Sci-Fi

- Animated Violence


9/10 from Eurogamer




The race is on to find the three lost red orbs of the Pah-wraiths, in the Deep Space Nine third-person action/adventure game. The Cardassians, the Dominion and the Bajorans - plus a mysterious race of terrifying aliens know only as a the Grigari - are all vying for control of these orbs.

The Federation believes that whoever controls all three may have the power to destroy the universe as we know it, so it's up to you - playing as either Captain Sisko, Major Kira or Lt Commander Worf - to find them first. Fueled by a massively enhanced version of the award-winning Unreal Tournament game engine, and featuring the talented voices of the TV show's stars, The Fallen fleshes out the world of Star Trek in ways you could only dream about .. until now!

Game Features:

Energized by an enhanced version of the revolutionary Unreal Tournament engine, The Fallen places the player at the heart of an exhilarating 3D adventure.

A sophisticated camera system takes third-person perspective gaming to a higher plane, whether in close quarters or wide-open expanses.

The Fallen utilizes a revolutionary multiple-character system - giving the player three unique and compelling single-player experiences, as either Sisko, Kira or Worf

A custom designed inverse kinematics and bones animation system provides fluid and realistic character movements and interactions, while a revolutionary facial animation system enables real-time lip-synching and heightened dramatic interaction between characters.

Officially sanctioned by Paramount, The Fallen's digital cast has been brought to life with the voices of Deep Space Nine's cast.

More than 10 new weapons, Federation issue and beyond, all with multiple firing modes.

Highly detailed architecture and intricate lighting techniques provide cinematic ambiance and mood. With three distinct character-paths across more than 30 unique, detailed maps, the Fallen transports the player through rich, photo-realistic environments never before seen in any Star Trek episode or motion picture.

Opposition will come from more than 25 alien species, including an all-new race of bio-analogous creatures known as the Grigari.


Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP: Pentium 233 II MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 150 MB Hard Drive space, PCI Local Bus video card, Windows 95 compatible Sound Card.

Some Threat Forces

Feared throughout the Gamma Quadrant, the Jem'Hadar are the genetically bred storm troopers of the Dominion.

Cloned humanoid species that serve as the administrators of the Dominion and supervisors of the lethal Jem'Hadar army.

Bio-analogous creatures from the fringes of the Delta Quadrant.

Technologically advanced humanoid civilization.


'.. A stunning accomplishment .. establishing the standard for the next generation of games .. ' Adrenaline Vault


Eurogamer, by Keith "DMN" Ellis

"...Setting foot on the worlds of The Fallen for the first time as Sisko is an impressive experience with the ship you have boarded left in almost total darkness, creating a brilliant sense of foreboding..."

"Indeed this is the way the game plays throughout, with a large focus on giving you the heebie-jeebies wherever you go. It is very hard to convey just how much the game gets into your bloodstream and really grabs a hold, having you genuinely scared and creeping around everywhere like some sort of wussy!"

"Meanwhile all of the character voices are provided by the real stars of the television series, and as such the acting is generally of a very high quality, though sometimes the conversations can flow a little unevenly. But most impressive of all has to be the soundtrack, which really does compliment the eerie atmosphere of the game perfectly..."

"Playing through the game once is a pleasure in itself, but having the added bonus of two more characters to complete the game with gives astounding value for money. A solid storyline backed by hauntingly good graphics and sound, with entertaining combat and weaponry make this a hard game to put down.

"The only disappointment is the lack of a multiplayer option, but to be quite honest single player is so darned good it does not really pose a problem, as you will probably be playing it for weeks. Deep Space Nine: The Fallen is an excellent romp that will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.. the difference being that you do get more - you get three times the fun. Set coordinates for your local software retailer .. make it so!" by Eric T. Baker

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the stepchild of the Star Trek universe. The series without a ship, it never got the backing or the attention that the other shows and movies in the franchise did, which is a shame. By the end, DS9 was doing episodes that were as good as anything ever done in the ST universe. This paradigm continues into gaming, where all the other shows and movies have received copious interactive installments, but DS9 has been mostly ignored. Now that DS9 has a game, however, it is as good as anything that has been done with the ST background.

"Built on the Unreal Tournament engine, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--The Fallen is an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter where player take the role of Captain Sisko, Major Kira, or Commander Worf. Each character has his or her own set of levels and plots to unravel, so Fallen is actually three games..."

"There is a mix of puzzle-solving and shooting in Fallen. Most of the puzzles can be solved by rugged determination to explore every nook of the level until the character finds the necessary card. What makes that rugged exploration dangerous and challenging is all the aliens running around with guns..."

"The rule in first-person shooters used to be that they were all about what you were shooting. Then companies decided to add stories to them. Fallen lets you shoot some classic Trek villains, and lets you solve a pretty good story, too."

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