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ZOOM Steel Panthers
Sold Out (DOS) (CD only ) (STEELPANPO)

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5 stars from Computer Gaming World - Wargame of the Year 1996

4 1/2 stars from CD-ROM Today

Killer Graphics and Awesome Gameplay

Go tank to tank in this tactical squad level blockbuster! Set in war-torn Europe and the Pacific from 1939 to 1945, Steel Panthers puts you in command of a single squad or an entire battalion as any Allied or Axis nation.

In addition to tanks, you get support units of all types - including infantry, cavalry and motorcycles. Play one of several set campaigns and carry your experienced troops through the entire war in the Pacific or Europe. Choose from the many ready-to-play historical scenarios. Or create your own using the random scenario generator and the powerful scenario editor.

Game play is fun and easy. And gorgeous! Explosive SuperVGA graphics and animation help you feel the destruction as buildings burn and tanks explode. Authentic WWII film footage and digitized photographs of over 200 tanks make Steel Panthers as exciting to watch as it is to play. Add digitized stereo sound effects and this remarkable armored warfare experience will have you running for cover.

Requirements: 486/33 (486/50 or greater recommended), 8MB of RAM, 512K hi-res VESA compatible SVGA card, Requires DOS ver. 5.0 or greater, 12MB minimum hard drive space (23MB recommended) plus 0.5MB per save game or scenario, 2x CD-ROM drive, uncompressed hard drive, Ultrasound Native Mode, Soundscape, Sound Blaster family and 100% compatibles.


CD-ROM Today, January 1996

"Steel Panthers was designed by Gary Gringsby (creator of Pacific War and War in Russia). From the invasion of Poland in 1939 to a simulated invasion of Japan in 1945, this game has the potential to deliver a lifetime of combat."

"Several dozen stand-alone battles are included, ranging from a wildly entertaining Polish Calvary charge against a troop of German Panzers, to the gruesome island fighting of Iwo Jima and Wake Island."

"All of the battles are rendered with superb terrain graphics - simply the best ever in a war game. The level of detail is superb: Artillery barrages pock the landscape, strafing ground targets."

"Unlike Panzer General, each unit in Steel Panthers has a wide range of values and modifiers that reflect combat state, readiness, movement, and fatigue, making the game far more accurate."

"Features such as these mean Steel Panthers will play far beyond the initial skirmishes. It's easily one of the most enjoyable wargames I've ever played."

Computer Gaming World, January 1995

"The designers have created a game that's wonderful to look at, enjoyable to listen to and immensely playable, without straying too far from the realism and historical accuracy that wargamers demand. This game will have you cursing at it for making you stay up too late - night after night - trying to squeeze in one more battle so you'll be another step closer to ending your campaign."

"Battles in Steel Panthers are small, highly tactical affairs that are 10 to 20 turns long, representing approximately 20 to 40 minutes of combat."

"The game features beautifully-rendered SVGA hex maps with five levels of zoom and authentic, highly detailed unit icons that conjure up memories of miniatures games of the past. During combat, the battlefield becomes a smoky, cratered moonscape littered with smoldering hulks, burning trees and flattened buildings. As for sound, nothing gets your attention like the scream of a fighter-bomber diving for a strafing run on your artillery. The musical score is exceptional, providing the appropriate mood to underscore the serious nature of the game's subject."

"Two people can play in either hot-seat fashion or by using the play by e-mail option. There are three difficulty level settings to help novices ease into the game."

"Steel Panthers' point-and-click interface is clean, well thought-out and intuitive."

Computer Gaming World, June 1996

"Wargames returned to their roots this year. All of the finalists were turn-based, but none quite as staid or predictable as one might expect. SSI's Steel Panthers, this year's winner, it the most focused game by legendary designer Gary Grigsby in years. Grognards love the game for its attention to realistic detail, while others are entranced by the game's beauty. Within the familiarity of the turn-based structure, Steel Panthers keeps things brisk, unpredictable and violent. The smoke, the wreckage of the battlefield, the distinctive 'chink' of Sherman tank fire bouncing helplessly off Tiger tanks - all add to the tension and chaos of battle in this evocative, tremendous achievement of WWII tactical warfare."

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