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ZOOM Steel Panthers II:
Campaign Disk
$9.95 (DOS/Win95) (Jewel Case) (STEELP2CPJ)

Strategic Simulations Inc.



9 out of 10 from Computer & Net Player

3 Additonal Campaigns and 30 Additional Scenarios for Steel Panthers II!

Korea 1998. Command South Korean forces in this hypothetical invasion of South Korea by forces of the North. Halt the Communist tide in an attempt to save Seoul.

Battle for the Low Countries. A resurgent and aggressive Germany threatens Europe in the 1990s. Once again, British and German forces battle it out in the Belgian countryside.

Drive into the Rhineland. German aggression in Poland draws a French response - an assault by French forces into the Rhineland. Can the French save Poland in the 1990s?

Plus Intense Scenario Action!In addition to the harrowing campaigns listed above, you get 30 stand-alone scenarios covering Korea (1950-'51), Vietanm (1960-'69), NATO vs. Warsaw Pact and Arab-Israeli Wars - plus regional conflicts from Grenada to Bosnia!

Race to the North Those Determined Dutchmen Revenge for Task Force Smith
The Hussara Point Blank Deadly Bait
Rollin' on the River Hot, Wet Pursuit Brothers in Arms
Lang Vei is Lost The Black Panthers The Black Horse
Good Day, My Brother Bagging Bears The Queen's Own
Red Tide High Tide on the Weser French Hill
Valley of Death No Ground to Give A New War
Armageddon in Sinai Into Egypt The Pitchfork
Border Battle Black Berets A Rude Awakening
Wireless Ridge In God We Trust In the Middle Again

For exclusive use with Steel Panthers II


Computer & Net Player, May 1997

"Steel Panthers IIwas easily one of the best strategy wargames of 1996, and it re-established SSI's grip on strategic gaming. And now, the campaign disk offers more of a good thing. It adds three intensive campaigns and 30 stand-alone scenarios for a very low price. Although there's nothing terrifically new in this expansion set, the campaigns and scenarios are very well-balanced and will definitely have Steel Panthers II tank commanders logging in more hours of combat. Just remember that it is an add-on disk, and you need your original copy of Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles to play."

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