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ZOOM Starfleet Command 2:
Empires at War
Sold Out (Win95/98/2000/XP) (RETAIL) (STCOMM2PR)

Included in the Star Trek Commander's Edition

14° East / Interplay

ESRB Rating Game - Animated Violence

The Sequel to the Best Selling Star Trek Naval Combat Game

Choose from 8 races to play with all new single and multiplayer campaigns including 2 new races: The Interstellar Concordium and The Mirak Star League.

Each of the 8 empires has different mission goals and tendencies. Earn titles, honors, medals, awards, rank, and prestige points as you experience the life of a career starship officer.

United Federation of PlanetsCommand up to 3 starships at once that react and maneuver in authentic Star Trek fashion armed with classic starship weapons from the Federation photon torpedo to the Romulan plasma torpedo.

Scores of highly detailed new ships have been added including realtime 3D space stations, capital ships and other vessels.

Cutting edge graphic technology opens a new era of tactical space combat realism.

Combat scenarios become even more intense with the addition of more fighters and fast patrol ships.

The revolutionary new multiplayer online matching system features a galactic map reflecting the current military and economic status of the empires.

Each player will have an evolving character/commander to control, with the ability to advance through the ranks.

Player's actions in battle will have a direct effect on the map and the status of the empires.

Intersettar ConcordiumYour Private Little War is Over:

It's a boundless galaxy where players from across the globe struggle for control of the galaxy, one sector at a time. A continuous online matching system reflects the current state of the campaign as 8 races battle for dominance. Choose your species, choose your ships and choose your friends wisely.

Choose from Eight Races

The United Federation of Planets is comprised of hundreds of regional governments controlling thousands of planets across a large area of space. Federation starships are generally well-rounded and designed for more than just war. They have excellent overall shielding and better science systems than most ships.

The Klingon Empire is relatively poor, and can only match the Federation in military power at the price of a harder standard of living for its people. Most Klingon ships are specialized to cruise at medium range and snipe with their quick-charging disrupters.

MirakThe Mirak are a race of aggressive predatory carnivores. To be a Mirak is to be a survivor in harsh conditions, against terrible enemies and predators, both on the harsh surface of Mirak worlds, and in the cold dark vastness of space. On approaching a Mirak starship, one is at once struck by ... Missiles, many, many missiles!

Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race. The exact reason for the separation of the Romulans and Vulcans is a mystery that has troubled historians for many years. Romulan captains must be very careful because their large torpedo weapons take a lot of time and energy to charge up.

Physically, a Gorn averages around 2 meters in height, massing about 215 kilos. Gorn ships tend to be less maneuverable than those of the other races. However, they make up for this with excellent phaser arcs that allow for a serious amount of the ships phasers to fire in almost any direction.

Lyran disposition is similar to that of a Klingon. They are fierce and passionate, with an intense love of combat. Lyran ships are fast and bristle with weapons, but are generally underpowered. Lyran starships have the Expanding Sphere Generator (ESG), used both defensively and offensively.

HydranThe atmosphere of the Hydran homeworld is rich in methane, which they breathe. This would be uncomfortable (at least) to most Federation species. The Hydran starship is the master of the knife fight, specializing in fighting an opponent at close range. Their ships are extremely well built.

The Interstellar Concordian believes in peace at any cost and will not hesitate to interfere or intervene in even the most trivial conflict. Their well-shielded ships are heavily armed with Plasma Torpedoes, Phasers, and with their own unique weapon the Plasmatic Pulsar Device (PPD).


Windows 95/98/2000/XP: Pentium III 500 (without 3D acceleration), Pentium II 350 or better (with 3D acceleration), Windows 95/98/2000 with DirectX 7.0, 64 MB RAM, 550 MB of free hard disk space, 4x or faster CD-ROM drives, compatible with D3D supported video cards, Multi player supported (up to 6 players), direct TCP/IP, MPlayer,

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