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ZOOM Star Trek The Next Generation
Birth of the Federation
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (STBIRTHPR)



Ages: 10 and up

ESRB Rating: Everyone


Explore, Conquer and Lead the Vast Star Trek Universe

Star Trek: The Next Generation Birth of the Federation is the first PC CD-ROM strategy game based on the rich Star Trek universe! Forged from the cultures, timelines, events and technologies of the hit TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation, this turn-based epic emphasizes resource management, combat and diplomacy.

Control one of five major empires: Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi or Cardassian, each with its own set of abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Encounter over 30 exotic races. And beware, there lurks the potential for a Borg invasion - threatening all players.

Game Highlights:

Manage a complex economy of resources, solar systems and trade routes.

Develop your intelligence and use diplomacy to forge alliances or create enemies.

Rise or fall by your ability to develop or acquire technology.

Sabotage your enemies - and frame other empires!

Construct, maintain and mobilize your starship fleet - and put it to the test as you engage in turn-based 3-D space combat.

Features multiple difficulty levels for long-term replayability.

Play against human-controlled empires via the Internet, LAN or modem.


Minimum System Requirements: 133MHz Pentium or faster, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 16MB RAM, high color graphics for 800 x 600 x 16 bit color (2MB video RAM minimum), quad speed CD-ROM drive, hard drive (160MB free), DirectX compatible sound card.

Recommended System Requirements (for better game performance): 200MHz Pentium or faster, 32MB RAM, 8x speed CD-ROM drive, hard drive (180MB free).

Required for Multiplayer Option: Null-modem serial cable (2 players), Windows compatible 28.8kps modem or faster (2 players); Local area network using IPX or TCP/IP (2-5 players); Internet play requires a true TCP/IP connection (2-5 players).

Starfleet's mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, is balanced by its Prime Directive: to avoid interfering in the natural development of any unaligned alien race. As a result, first contact with other races is usually seen as the most important mission Starfleet carries out. For every instance of a successful first contact situation, such as Zefram Cochrane's peaceful meeting with the Vulcans, there has been a potentially dangerous encounter, such as the one with the Klingon Empire, which led to war.

The Romulans are a study in dramatic contrasts. Capable of considerable tenderness, they can also be extremely violent and cruel. Romulans are extremely self-confident, bordering on arrogant. Traditionally, the Romulans prefer to react to actions of potential adversaries rather than committing themselves openly. However, this has not stopped the Romulans from covertly instigating numerous galactic incidents in an attempt to manipulate adversaries. Indeed, Romulans are so obsessed with espionage that the Romulan's own military intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar, not only spies on their enemies but also the Star Empire's own citizens for signs of betrayal.

The Klingon tradition is one of combat and conquest. A Klingon teaching states that "The son of a Klingon is a man the day he can first hold a blade." For them, strength in battle is all.

Cardassians pride themselves on being precise, disciplined, and efficient. Before the formation of the military Cardassian Union, Cardassia had scarce resources and millions of people had died due to plague and famine. Even though the Cardassian military success cost so many lives, loss of life seemed no more extensive than it had been when plague and famine covered the planet. In such a disciplined society, public perception and attitude is constantly monitored and controlled. Trials are held only after an individual is found guilty by the authorities, and these trials are broadcast to the populace as a reassurance of the triumph of good over evil, and to enforce the notion of proper behavior in society.

Ferengi personal conduct is strongly influenced by the 285 Rules of Acquisition, the first of which is: "Once you have their money, you never give it back." Ferengi hold the pursuit of profit as their highest goal. The acquisition of financial power is more important to them than either political or military power. For this reason, many races tend to underestimate the Ferengi. This is a mistake. The Ferengi focus on profit has made them shrewd businessmen who can often barter for monetary profit as well as the Federation can negotiate for peace.

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