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ZOOM Star General
Sold Out (DOS/Win95) (Retail) (STARGENPR)

Strategic Simulations / Mindscape



9 out of 10 from boot

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

Go where no strategy gamer has gone before - beyond Panzer General Volume 4 in SSI's award-winning 5-star series. Star General is light-years ahead of its proud ancestor.

Feel the power of an incredibly enhanced Panzer General game engine. A two-level combat system that acommodates space combat and surface combat. Resource management - conquer enemy planets and develop them for your needs.

See the beauty of over 90 fully rendered 3D starships. 100+ ground units and multiple planet types.

Command a multi-planetary force as you struggle to repel the advances of six alien races. Engage in multiple scenarios as any of 7 different races. And be prepared to put in some time. The scope of Star General is as vast as space itself - with well over 100 hours of game play.

The sky is no longer the limit. So light up the heavens in a cosmic battle - for the right to be called Star General.

Enjoy expanded features and game play potential thanks to the greatly enhanced Panger General game engine.

Resource management is a key to success - expand cities, create factories, research centers, military complexes and orbital stations.

Over 90 fully rendered starship types and hundreds of ground units - all in stunning SVGA.

Two-Level Combat System lets you fight among the stars and land on the planets below for ground-based combat.

Multiple planet types run the gamut from fertile gems to barren landscapes.

Engage in a variety of separate wars, each incolving 2 of the 7 races which inhabit the Star General universe.

Create your own Galactic Battlefield involving 2 to 7 human or computer players - each representing a different race.

Use the diplomacy feature to influence your relationship with neutral races - or disable it and war with everyone.

Each of Star General's 7 unique races has its own specialiazed A.I. plus its own characteristic sound effects.


Requirements: Windows 95 - Pentium 90 or greater, 16MB rAM, 1MB SVGA card, Windows 95 compatible sound card, uncompressed hard drive, 30MB hard drive space, mouse, 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended). Windows 95 Multiplayer Options: Network play via IPX, direct connect via TCP/IP, "Hot Seat" for up to 7 players.

Requirements: DOS - DOS version 6.0 or higher, 486/66 (Pentium recommended), 16MB RAM, 1MB SVGA card, SoundBlaster family or 100% compatible sound card, uncompressed hard drive, 30MB hard drive space, Logitech mouse version 6.3 or higher or Microsoft mouse version 9.01 or higher, 2x CD-ROM drive 94x recommended).


boot, January 1997

"Star General bears a striking resemblance to its General kin (Panzer General, Allied General, Fantasy General), but this sci-fi variation offers up enough new features, and packs enough firepower, to satisfy anyone who loves the smell of fusion cannons in the morning. Fans of strategy games won't be disappointed either.

"At its core, Star General is really a game of intergalactic conquest. War may be grand, but in Star General, it's also vastly more complex, especially since battles are now fiercely fought both on the ground and up in the cosmos. Star General also breaks new ground by being the first game from SSI that supports seven-player simulataneous TCP-IP Internet and IPX (LAN) play, as well as two-player direct-connect modem support."

"In addition to the raw combat, you're also responsible for further developing the resources necessary to conquer new worlds. Star General's intuitive point-and-click interface ensures smart management is never more than a mouse click away. Although the game isn't hard to play, it is hard to get started. Familiarize yourself with the manual before commencing combat, or you may find yourself hopelessly frustrated.

"Star General is a war game, rich in visuals and sound. Its stunning array of space combat and enhanced cinematic battle scenes are outstanding. The game engine will appeal to a lot of strategy war gamers; and, with its two-level combat system and more than 100 planets to conquer, Star General just may be one of the best war games of 1997."

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