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Release date: Winter 1997

2-CD set.

Standards ..... Sold Out

(Win/DOS) (Jewel Case) (Product Code: STANDARDPJ)

International & Domestic Communications

CCITT/ITU Recommendations networking, telecommunications and data communications standards

Complete RFC's & IEN's Internet protocol specifications

ISO Standards & Drafts Networking documentation

Winsock Windows Scokets specs and applications

IETF & IESG minutes

NetInfo directories & templates

Network Resource Guide and network maps

HYPERRFC RFC's in HyperText including files and software

DOS Utilities contains tools for untarring and unzipping

These CDs contain a variety of standards documents gathered from a number of public sources. Every effort has been made to arrange the files in a meaningful and useful directory structure. Naturally there is a "misc" directory that contains things that didn't quite fit anywhere else.

Previous releases of this disc contained an IEEE directory. We were forced to remove this at the insistence of the IEEE. So much for the widespread distribution of standards!

Please refer to the file named readme.1st in the root directory of disc one for important notes and/or changes.

The directories on the discs are as follows:

Disc 1:

  • ansi/ SCSI specs
  • dos/ DOS tools for untarring and unzipping
  • inet/ Assorted Internet related material including RFC's, etc.
  • iso/ Other ISO standards and Drafts
  • misc/ Things that didn't fit anywhere else
  • nist/ National Institute of Standards
  • hyperrfc/ RFC's in HyperText
  • winsock/ Windows Sockets docs
  • winsnmp/ Windows SNMP specs
  • infostnd/ Installation files for the Browser (see below)
  • ghost/ Installation files for Ghostscript and Ghostview (see below)

Disc 2:

  • ccitt/ 1988 Bluebook and 1992 revisions
  • 1988 1988 material in ASCII, Postcript and TROFF
  • 1992 1992 (and newer) material in Postscript, ASCII, WordPerfect and Word-for-Windows format

In the 1988 version of the Bluebook, volume 8, which covers networking, is only provided in preliminary troff files. These files are not completely usable as provided, though much of the text formats correctly. Many of these documents are available in the 1992 versions in Word for Windows, ASCII, and EPS formats.

The files "files.1st" shows the location and date/size information for all of the files on both discs.

We have provided several applications on the 1st disc. These include:

1) RFC's in Hypertext. This is a compilation from late 1991 of approximately 250 of the core RFC's. They are all fully updated as of the creation date (Oct 1991) and fully cross linked. This application uses version 1.0 of the Microsoft Multimedia Viewer (which is provided). To install this application run "setup.exe" from the "hyperfc" directory.

2) Ghostscript and Ghostview. These two applications allow postcript files to be viewed under DOS and Windows and to be printed on non-postscript printers. They are required to use the included browser (see below). To install these applications fun "setup.exe" from the "ghost" directory.

3) The InfoMagic Standards Browser. This application lets you view the CCITT & RFC's directly from the CD. It supports viewing of the ASCII, Postscript, and Word-for-Windows versions (assuming you have the supporting applications.) To install the browser run "setup.exe" from the "infostnd" directory.

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