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ZOOM StreetFinder & TripMaker
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP) (Retail Packaging) (ST&TRIPPR)

Publisher: TOPICS

Over 130 Years of Mapping Experience....

Rand McNally's StreetFinder & TripMaker is the solution to both your business and leisure travel needs Whether you're headed downtown for a business meeting or vacationing across the country, this collection includes extensive mapping systems and trip planning guides to make your outings hassle-free. Why should you choose this 4 CD set over Microsoft's Streets and Trips 2 CD set? The answer is simple: Rand McNally has provided accurate, dependable, and user-friendly maps in the United States for over 130 years. You can always rely on using easy-to-follow, accurate information to reach your destination quickly. With customizable maps, numerous scaling and drawing tools, personalized itineraries, exploration guides and more, Rand McNally's StreetFinder & TripMaker is an easy-to-use, reliable source for all your travel needs.


Let TripMaker take the stress out of travel planning and transform your vacation into what is should be-FUN! Quickly plan your entire trip with personalized itineraries geared towards your interests and driving preferences. The city maps with street-level detail allow you to easily find your way through town. The RoadSense Feature, which provides up-to-date road closure and construction information, ensures you will always travel well prepared. With MoneyMinder tips that help you budget and save on travel expenses, the only thing you'll need to be concerned about is enjoying yourself!

Trip Planning in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Enter where your trip starts and ends
  • Find things to do on the road
  • Customize your trip with driving breaks, driving time estimates and a breakdown of costs.
  • Save and print out customized maps and comprehensive itineraries.


Whether venturing across town or doing business in an unfamiliar city, StreetFinder software provides easy-to-use map and travel tools, Address-to-address directions get you where you're going, fast- more than one million business listings let you know where to find services you need. Powerful drawing tools help you customize your street maps: create text boxes, draw walking directions, Place custom markers and much more! You can also log daily schedules, airline/hotel/car reservations, and travel expenses in the Trip Organizer.

Getting directions is easy:

  • Set your origin destination by entering and address or place name.
  • Select business and attraction icons to view on your map.
  • Use the zoom option to get more detailed information.
  • Locate a city, town, business, address or intersection with the Find option
  • List daily appointments and save information on places of interest.

5 Exclusive Trip Planning Guides:

Trip Guide: Finally have a chance to hit the road? Use the Trip Guide to create your personal vacation.

  • Explore attractions along the way with detailed descriptions and stunning photos-before you go!
  • Customize your driving preferences: Quickest vs. Scenic routes and more!

Explorer Guide:

  • Find exciting places to visit and scenic tours to take while on your trip.

Profile Guide:

  • Choose when you want to start and end your day.
  • Select your routing preference: Quickest, Scenic or Shortest.
  • Choose what listings to display on your map: Parks, Camping Urban Attractions, and much more.

Map Styles Guide:

  • Choose from over 10 existing map styles or create your own.
  • Customize existing maps with a complete suite of scaling, drawing, and highlighting tools.

Walking Guide:

  • Create a personalized walking route. Simply type in locations


Windows 95/98/NT 4/Me/2000/XP: 256 color monitor, VGA card, 16 MB RAM 80486 PC, 2x CD-ROM drive, 110 MB of hard disk space, To access the Rand McNally web site, an internet provider, 14.4 baud or higher modem and an internet browser are required. GPS feature requires laptop computer and a NMEA-compliant GPS receiver.


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