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ZOOM SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour
Sold Out (Win95/Win98/Win3.1) (Retail) (SPQRPR)

Cybersites/GT Interactive Software


A Monumental Adventure in Ancient Rome

SPQR = Senate and the People of Rome (SENATUS POPULUS QUE ROMANUS in Latin)

My Young Apprentice,

The Empire is in danger! A mysterious saboteur threatens Rome, amidst rumors of panic, treachery and murder in the Imperial palace. My latest invention, the Navitor, is the only chance to save the city from certain doom...but I fear my life is in danger. Please come to Rome as quickly as you can! May the gods be with you!

Your Patron,


It's up to you. Succeed, and the Empire is saves. Fail, and Rome is history.

Building upon the phenomenally successful game played by thousands on the World Wide Web, SPQR: The Empire's Darkest Hour delivers a visual and intellectual gaming experience unlike anything seen before. A fascinating 3-D adventure, SPQR challenges you to learn how the Roman Empire works - structurally, mechanicaly, economically, culturally and politically. Given one year to investigate five equally suspicious suspects, you must solve the ultimate mystery: Who is plotting to destroy Rome and how will they do it?

Challenging graphic adventure - original mind-bending puzzles utilize authentic historical artifacts and data.

Explore the streets, temples and secret labyrinths of the Roman Forum in your quest to save the Empire.

The most accurate 3D reconstruction of Ancient Rome ever - 1600 captivating computer generated images, animations and movies let you see Rome as it looked in 205 A.D.

The storyline - complete with drama, twists, cliff hangers and multiple endings - is a Roman "soap opera" crafted by professional television writers and historians.

A unique interface lets you master space and time in Ancient Rome.

Nameplates: A wealth of information - diagrams, hints and historical data at your fingertips

Acta Diurna: the imperial gazette (all the news the Emperor sees fit to print)

Architectural Plans: Detailed cross-sections of key temples and monuments to study

Calendar Scroll: Learn the Roman Calendar to move through time in search for clues

Time Lever: Speed time up...or slow it down

Map: Tracks your quest, provides instant access to places you've been and hints where to go next

Secret Compartments: Store artifacts, clues and evidence

Compass: Essential when your ivestigation is heading "south"

Scroll Shelf: Secret journals of the 5 suspects reveal motives and supply clues

Bonus: Includes Quick Time Virtual Reality tour of Ancient Roman Forum.

Historical and Archaeological Consultants:

Bernard Frischer, Ph.D., Heidelberg; Fellow, American Academy in Rome; Professor of Classics, UCLA.

Vasily Rudich, Ph.D., Yale; Blegen Research Fellow and Visiting Professor of Classics, Vassar College.

Requirements: 486/66 (Pentium recommended), 8mb RAM (16mb recommended), Windows 3.1 (Windows 95 recommended), 6mb hard disk, 256 color (16bit recommended), 2x CD-ROM (4x recommended), VESA local bus or PCI video card w/ 1mb RAM, Windows compatible sound card.

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