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ZOOM Space Quest Collection Series:
Games 1-6
Sold Out (DOS) (Jewel Case) (SPACEQC2PJ)



ESRB Rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated violence, comic mischief

May the Farce Be With You!

Join Roger Wilco, intergalactic janitor (sanitation engineer, please) in six of the most outlandish, hilarious send-ups of science fiction ever to blast off your computer screen. Armed with his trusty broom, Roger has swept nearly every major computer gaming award, while at the same time keeping the universe safe for good, clean fun (pun intended).

The Space Quest Collection introduces you to a fast-paced, slapstick vision of the future, where you can help our hero Roger Wilco rise from the lowly rank of starship custodian to...uh...well, you can help him stay alive in some of the most outrageous adventures ever to flash across a computer screen. Join Roger in his six rollicking adventures in this specially priced collector's set.

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

Hey, Wake Up! While Roger was napping in the broom closet, aliens hijacked his starship and made off with the top-secret Star Generator. And if Roger can't get it back, the universe as we know it is toast. Blast off into a spacey saga with the look of a classic '50s sci-fi film - plus all the silly humor, hideous puns and outrageous situations that make Space Quest I a classic.

Travel to exotic worlds, meet strange life forms, and waste 'em

Escape the Sariens' clutches or your goose is cooked

Filled with intergalactic 3-D and handpainted art

Brain-teasing puzzles and perilous plot twists

Space Quest II: Vouhaul's Revenge

Sludge Vouhaul, the demented evil scientist defeated in Space Quest I is back...and he's madder than a drenched astrochicken. He's unleashed hordes of pushey, obnoxious, genetically-engineered insurance salesmen, and honesty is not their best policy. You and Roger must foil his fiendish plans before he collects on your whole-life policy.

Use your wits to defeat gross creatures and evil aliens

Stand up to giant slugs, babes in latex and space-age fast food

Prowl the cavermous innards of strange new worlds

Space Quest III: Pirates of Pestulon

The Two Guys from Andromeda, designers of the satirically sensational Space quest series, have disappeared into thin oxygen and it could mean the end of Roger and his adventures once and for all. Help him discover who is behind the mastermind plot. Is it the plundering pirates, the monkey-suited minions of Sludge Vouhaul, or could it be the fans of Space Quest themselves.

Superior graphics and animation combine to create a truly interactive cartoon

Shake your groove-thing to Supertramp legend Bob Siebenberg's rockin' soundtrack

Become part of an intergalactic scavenger hunt and save the universe

Space Quest IV: The Time Rippers

Take a trippy trip through space and time as Roger embarks on a topsy-turvey adventure through his own past and distant future. The deadly Sequel Police are out to make this the last Space Quest ever. Once again, it's up to Roger to save the galaxy as we know it - keeping the universe safe for fair play, bad jokes and parodies on all your sci-fi favorites.

Hand-painted, futuristic color graphics

Face the evil Sequel Police in the ultimate battle for bad humor

Take a terrifying trip to the future of Space Quest XII

Take on sci-fi icons in this spoofy send-up that'll leave you laughing

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Roger has bamboozled his way through the StarCon Space Academy and taken command of his own starship - okay, garbage scow - but now he's ready to take on the forces of evil across the galaxy. Of course, he'll need your help thwarting the murderous advances of a stone-cold androidess, escaping an acid-piddling baby-face hugger, defeating a horde of rampaging mutants and more.

Awesome 3-D animations, 256 color artwork and Asteroids! Asteroids! Asteroids!

Danger and knee-slapping jokes can be found in every corner of the galaxy

Challenge Roger's ultimate adversary, the terrifyingly toupeed Captian Quirk

Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier

Fight grime and battle evil adversaries with Roger as he joins farces with video games, TV and sci-fi movies, past and present - in his wildest adventure ever. Brimming with slapstick comedy and parody, explore almost 100 3-D rendered scenes - from the inner mind to the outer limits.

Brimming with slapstick comedy and parody, you travel tot he planet Polysorbate 60 and beyond

Superior SVGA 3-D graphics and waycool spaceship shots make this the most futuristic adventure Roger's had

Travel deep inside the human body (euww!)

Space Quest VII (Preview of Cancelled Product)

Roger must rescue his beloved Beatrice Wankmeister from all sorts of creeps, including some that look an awful lot like Roger himself (yuck!). Everyone's favorite space janitor goes on an intergalactic swab-fest, scouring every planet he runs (crashes) into, trying to find Beatrice before it's too late.

Thrill as you get the inside scoop on Space Quest VII: Return to the Roman Numerals (working title only)

Tingle as you witness Roger strap on JATO rocket and fly at the side of a mountain

Shiver as you see Roger in his new incarnation, all buffed-up and 3-D rendered

Get goosebumps as you learn of the merger between ScumSoft and D.U.D. Software


MS-DOS 5.0+, Win 3.1+, 486/25MHz or faster, 8 MB RAM, Hard Drive, 2X CD-ROM, VGA, mouse. Supports: 100% Widnows compatible sounds, Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles, Pro Audio, MT-32, Gen. MIDI.

Copyright © 1993-2000, Inc.