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ZOOM Space Quest 6
Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
$4.95 (Windows 3.1 Only!) (Jewel Case) (SPACEQ6PJ)
Please review System Requirements below




4 stars from Electronic Entertainment

4 stars from CD-ROM Today

4/5 from the Adventure Collective

In Space, No One Can Hear You Clean

The funniest Space Quest ever - from the series that has sold over one million copies!

Fight grime and battle evil adversaries with Roger Wilco, janitor turned space adventurer, as he joins farces with video games, TV and sci-fi movies, past and present - in the wildest Space Quest ever. From far-flung planet Polysorbate 60 to the deep recesses of "inner space", getting out of this one clean will take all the nerve and backbone Wilco can muster. But this time Roger's got half a mind to do it, and where there's a Wilco, there's a way!

Brimming with slapstick comedy and parody, it's the most family-friendly Space Quest ever.

Who knew the human body would be so slimy? Explore almost 100 3-D rendered interior (and we do mean interior) scenes.

Spend countless hours in reckless abandon with the completely new action-arcade spoof: STOOGE FIGHTER 3.

Scintillating SVGA 3-D graphics and super-sharp spaceship shots (say that 3 times fast).

Author Bio: Scott Murphy, formerly of the hip comedy duo "The Two Guys From Andromeda" does a stand-out solo job in this comic send-up of outer and inner space adventure.


MS-DOS 5.0+, Win 3.1, 486/25+, 8 MB RAM, 5 MB on Hard Drive, 2X CD-ROM, SVGA. Supports (DOS): SoundBlaster & 100% compatibles, General MIDI, Pro Audio. Supports (Windows): Windows compatible sound card.

This product is not supported under ScummVM. It probably only runs under Windows 3.1, which very few people have access to, unfortunately.


CD-ROM Today, September 1995

"As usual, you play the stalwart Roger Wilco, a bumbling space janitor who may have finally stumbled into a kind of trouble he'll never get out of. In his latest space assignment aboard the SCS Deepship 86, he finds himself getting injected into the bloodstream of the stunning Stellar Santiago (one of many nods to classic sci-fi cinema strewn throughout the game). It seems her brain has been taken over by the evil villain Sarpei, who's planning to do a little prospecting in Stellar's cerebral cortex."

"Will you enjoy Space Quest 6: The Spinal Frontier? Well, unless you're one of those hypersensitive Trek fanatics, the answer is a "yes". Some players new to the series will reach the end of their patience quickly with some of the more obscure puzzles. But, hey, if you don't like playing the game, you can at least enjoy the satire."

Quandary Review by Gordon Alpin

"Roger Wilco returns in this latest episode from Sierra complete with bad puns and tongue-in-cheek references to earlier Space Quest games and popular science fiction films and TV shows. To name just the most obvious, Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Indiana Jones and even Asimov's Fantastic Voyage, all are parodied lovingly, if unmercifully. Those of you who delight in identifying obscure references will have a fun time with this game. For example, one character is Dr Hayden Beleauxs -- how many will remember that Hayden Rourke played Dr Bellows in the TV series I Dream Of Jeannie? On a similar note, the CD ROM version of the game is narrated by Gary Owens whom some mature players may remember from the 1960s comedy show Laugh-In."

"The puzzles themselves ranged from the ridiculously easy to the deliberately obscure, but overall most of them were a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed the send up of the Windows environment in one sequence where you could tinker with the system and actually beat it. Though, for me, the most satisfying puzzle involved converting my Datacorder to a Homing Beacon. Sure it may have been a poorly disguised old-fashioned copy protection based on information found in the copy of Popular Janitronics, but it required a process of elimination that held some challenge. On the downside, though, I couldn't work out why the code needed to access the Holodeck program should have been hidden in a database of species characteristics. Perhaps I simply missed the clue."

"Overall, Space Quest 6 is a predictable but, nevertheless, fairly enjoyable romp that provides lots of things for the adventurer to do and many interesting and amusing references for the trivia buffs to track down."'

Electronic Entertainment, October 1995

"Space Quest 6 is a huge technical leap forward from its predecessors. For starters, Roger and all the other characters speak - no more need-to-read text. Also, the game's Super VGA cut scenes and backgrounds are pretty dazzling."

"Just the same, this sixth try is by far the best Space Quest adventure to date. It stays true to the series' guiding principle of wacky humor, while adding enhanced graphics and voice-overs, challenging game play, and an amusing story. Now, if Roger could only get a date."

The Adventure Collective

"Of course, what really stands out in the Space Quest series is the humor. This game continues with that tradition in grand style. Throughout the game you will see and hear spoofs on just about anything in the pop, tech and sci-fi worlds. Everything from Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien to poor old Mr. Gates' enterprise is a target. You can play this game through and still miss a lot of the hidden jokes the designers put into this game."

"Space Quest 6 is simply the best Space Quest yet! Its multimedia enhancements add immensely to the enjoyment of the game. The story is intriguing and entertaining. You get to explore the inside of the human body. How cool! Some of the puzzles are very inventive. Owens as the narrator is hilarious and he has something to say about nearly every item in the game. Even the most inane actions will usually be met with some comments from him. The backgrounds are all nicely illustrated. Characters and themes from previous Space Quest games make multiple cameo appearances during the game. The shuttle cut scenes are stunningly rendered and a joy to watch."

"There is a part in the game which can cause your computer to crash if you are playing on a fast computer. This occurs when you try to leave sickbay for the first time. The reason this occurs is because the game is originally designed for 486 systems. Pentium systems mess with the timing function in the game and can cause it to crash. One fix is to download a shareware program called TURBO which allowed you to slow down your computer to get past this point. Once I got past this point I restored my computer to its normal operating speed and was able to finish the game without any further problems."

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