Space Jam

Space Jam - Acclaim - See All Star Sports

Warner Bros./Acclaim


Daffy Duck's in Fowl Trouble...

Sylvester's throwing hairballs... Porky Pig pulled a hamstring... Good thing you've got Michael Jordan on your side! Take it to the stars with Jordan and the Looney Tunes for the ultimate basketball game against a mean team of outlandish alien Monstars. Extraterrestrial dunks! Anti-gravitational alley-oops! Out-of-this-world gameplay! And a bunch of mini-games over-stuffed with wacky cartoon mayhem!

Join the toons and mash the Monstars

Get ready to jam with Michael Jordan

Nothing but Network will do for 6-player action

Bonus! A bonanza of sub-levels featuring off-the-court craziness!

Requirements: 486 DX2/66Hz or greater, double speed CD-ROM drive, 8 MB RAM/3 MB hard disc space minimum install (60 normal/150 full), DOS 5.0 or greater (Windows 95 compliant), 1MB SVGA graphics card, gamepad and sound card recommended (supports Advanced Gravis GRIP), plays with keyboard (2 players, more with Gravis joypads), 4 button joystick, or 4 button control pad, IPX/SPX network compatible, supports up to 6 players, network play requires only 1 game CD.

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