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ZOOM Complete Space & Astronomy
$9.95 (Win95/98/Win3.1) (Retail) (SPACE&ASPR)

Publisher: Countertop

Reference / Astronomy

Five Exciting CD-ROM Programs

Considering the size and scope of the subject, it was quite a challenge to put this fabulous box set together. Over twenty programs were considered for inclusion, and they were pared down to these five, content-rich, high-quality CD-ROM's. Complete Space and Astronomy is the ultimate collector set and reference tool for students, home libraries, and space buffs. Each title will stand alone as a complete educational program, and as a suite they are unmatched in content and value. Collectively they have won dozens of international awards, and represent the absolute finest Multi-Media Space and Astronomy collection ever assembled.

Journey to the Planets

This spectacular exploration of the wonders of our solar system features thrilling animated fly-throughs of planets and moons, hundreds of photographs, and an authoritative guide so you can travel even further than the astronauts have gone! Includes:

  • More than 800 breathtaking images and 3-D illustrations.
  • Spacecraft and reconnaissance satellite diagrams, and intriguing statistics.
  • Exhilarating 3-D animated fly-throughs of planetary surfaces.
  • Detailed coverage of American, Soviet, and European space travel .
  • Full motion videos and dramatic music score.
  • Aerial tours of unusual planetary surface features.
  • Narrated presentations of astronomical phenomena.

The Grand Cosmos

This best-selling screensaver features the illustrious multi-talented duo of William Hartmann and Ron Miller masterfully presenting the grandeur and dramatic beauty of the cosmos with scientific accuracy. Internationally recognized painters and authors, Miller and Hartmann have co-created numerous astronomy books which have sold more than a quarter million copies.

The History of the Universe

What shape is the Universe? What happened before the Big Bang? How will it all end? The History of the Universe dares to ask these questions for you - and then answers them all. With 50 animations, 70,000 words of text, 75 interactive presentations, 2 timelines and four levels of interactive questions and puzzles.

Subjects covered include: Gravity, Relativity, Superstrings, the Dark Matter and much more. People: Aristotle, Kepler, Galileo, Newton. Questions: What's scientific theory? What shape is the Universe? What would happen if I rode on a beam of light?

Apollo 13: Race Against Time

If Apollo 11's landing on the Moon was NASA's greatest triumph, the safe return of Apollo 13 was its finest hour. Included is a complete recreation of the flight of Apollo 13 using 3-D animation, original artwork, historic photos, video, and audio recordings. Listen in on the flight controllers as they struggle to bring the crippled spacecraft back to Earth. Short of water, oxygen, and electrical power, Apollo 13 became a race against time. An interview with Jim Lovell reveals just what went wrong. Every detail of this flight was preserved, and it's all here on this CD-ROM.

Amazing Universe III

Your computer is the key to the Universe. Hold the power of the largest telescopes in the world in your fingertips. Visit the planets and their moons with NASA space probes. Darken your room and bathe in the light of these breathtaking images from deepest space. Contains 550 uncompressed, hand-picked sensational images from tens of thousands taken by spacecraft and observatories, (many never before printed in any book or magazine).

Just a small sampling of subjects and images:

  • The mysterious face on Mars
  • The active volcano on Io
  • The dark spot of Neptune
  • Tritons incredible geyser
  • The Great Red Spot on Jupiter
  • Black Hole candidates M32 and NGC2997
  • Super Nova 1987A

A truly incredible multi-media experience for your computer with music, audio, and video.


Windows 3.1, 95, 98, IBM 486 or better, 8Mb RAM, 32,000 colors, double speed CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers, and mouse.

NOTE: Does NOT work on XP

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