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ZOOM Complete Space & Astronomy
Version 2.0
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me Only) (Retail) (SPACE&A2PR)

Publisher: Topics Entertainment

Reference: Space and Astronomy

The Most Complete Space & Astronomy Collection in the Galaxy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly to outer space, or what Mars looks like, up close? What did the first US astronauts see and feel when they were launched into outer space, or set foot on the moon? With the 4 CD-ROM's included in Complete Space and Astronomy Version 2.0, you can experience what the astronauts experienced through your computer. Since 1957, Patrick Moore, an esteemed astronomer and author, has been host of the BBC's astronomy show, The Sky At Night. Patrick Moore's Guide to the Universe is a concise and informative guide to the field of astronomy. The Solar System Explorer CD-ROM launches you in to outer space, based on your own coordinates and mission. Space: A Visual History provides an archive of official, historical NASA film footage and photographs - see what the actual astronaut experience was like! Finally, Legends of the Future: The Dream of Mars, delves into the mysteries and research of Mars, starting from the year 1850. Complete Space and Astronomy Version 2 is by far the best product on the market with high quality software programs, and the reviews to prove it.

Solar System Explorer

Experience a real, simulated interplanetary flight! Solar System Explorer lets you plot a mission, and navigate your course to outer space in a unique, and scientifically accurate space mission simulator. Or, opt to recreate famous past voyage and discover what it takes to be a true astronomer. During your mission, you can manually adjust the ship's orbit, or launch probes to explore your destination in greater detail. In-depth data, surface maps, and an Internet connection to more on-line space and astronomy resources are also available for more information.

  • 360 degree panoramas
  • Real-time rendered view of planets
  • 3D animations and video
  • Surface maps
  • Interactive debriefing on historic space missions

`Knowing that you are seeing accurate representations of our corner of the galaxy on your humble computer is a pleasure' - Max Glaskin, The Sunday Times

Patrick Moore's Guide to the Universe

This highly acclaimed CD-ROM provides an interactive format to learn about the great and mysterious universe. Patrick Moore is an expert on the subject of astronomy, host of the BBC's long-time running astronomy show, The Sky at Night, and author of over 100 astronomy books. Because of the vast and growing amount of information on astronomy and the universe, Patrick Moore has logically created a step-by-step approach to understand and sort out the information for you. Whether you are new to the field of astronomy, or want a refresher course, Patrick Moore's software will not only provide that for you, but will go beyond the basics with video footage, star charts, photographs, audio narration, and quizzes.

  • 392 photographs
  • Video footage
  • 75 tests and quizzes
  • 3 hours of narration by Patrick Moore
  • 48 diagrams

'Patrick Moore knows his subject well and, more importantly, knows how to get the information across in a clear and accurate manner' - IT Reviews

Space: A Visual History

Through historical films and still photography, Space: A Visual History, chronicles the history of the US space program, from Alan Shepard's first launch in 1961, through the Skylab and Shuttle missions. With official NASA film footage, the CD-ROM also provides audio commentary and a wealth of written text to accompany the visuals. Other features include timelines, movie indexes, and exportable text. Now, you can experience the greatest and most memorable moments of the US space program, right at your desktop.

Legends of the Future: The Dream of Mars

For centuries, the Red Planet has fascinated millions, and today, Mars still mystifies astronomers and researchers. Unlock the secrets of the Red Planet, with Legends of the Future: The Dream of Mars. Learn about the extensive research and future plans for Mars, from the year 1850 to the NASA mission scheduled for 2005. This CD-ROM also features rare photos of Mars, as well as unpublished documentation, and features Phillipe Masson, the official NASA correspondent in Europe.

  • 500 screens and illustrations
  • 110 minutes of video
  • 20 minutes of audio commentary
  • 200 pages of text
  • 30 minutes of 3D animations
  • Direct Internet access


Windows 95/98/Me Only: Pentium, 16 MB RAM, 20 MB hard drive space, 640 x 480 x 32K color, 4x CD-ROM drive.



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