Source Code, Volume 1

Source Code, Volume 1 - Walnut Creek - Jewel Case - DOS/UNIX - $18.95

Walnut Creek


April 1996

Source Code for C/C++ from the Usenet News Groups, from 1985-1990

Usenet is the newsgroup collection on the Internet. For years people have posted their source code to various source code newsgroups. Here is a complete collection of all that source code. You'll be able to browse through code, learn from experts, and borrow routines. Most of these programs run under Unix.

Volume 1 contains the newsgroups:

A few sample packages include:

alt.sources: irc, TCL, (zsh,ksh), slugnet. fortune, rogue, xgo, mdg.

comp.sources.misc: micro-emaces, ispell, pascal to c translator, b+tree Lib.

comp.sources.unix: perl, NN newsreader, flex.

comp.sources.x: Ardent Window Manager, twm, torch, xchess, xtetris, xtroff, xmail, xfig.

You get 58.704 files (8,641 news articles) in 631 megs of data. Most articles/packages are unsharred. The CDROM is full-word indexed, which means you can find the files containing your search word in seconds. The CDROM also has HTML indexes.

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