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ZOOM Sound It Out Land 3
$9.95 (Windows) (Jewel Case) (SOUNDIT3PJ)



Ages: 4 to 6

The Third Step in Your Child's Learning to Read Adventure

Kids are challenged to read more difficult words and sentences in Sound It Out Land 3. As they explore this musical theme park, kids learn the silent "e" sounds, master long words, and learn the three-letter blend sounds. On each visit to the friendly talking characters, kids sing reading songs and play games that let them experience the thrill of reading on their own.


  • Silent "e" long vowel sounds
  • Three-letter blends
  • Reading long words


  • Over 150 new words and sentences
  • Five new sing-along songs
  • Four new interactive games


  • CD-quality music that plays on your stereo
  • Kids rad and play on their own
  • Games present new words each session


Windows - MPC Level 1 with 4MB RAM, 386 or higher processor, Windows 3.1 or higher, VGA or greater display, CD-ROM drive, speakers or headphones.


CD-ROM Today, July 1995

"Sound It Out Land 3 is the third in a series of titles geared at beginning readers. Conexus launched Sound It Out Land, the first program in the series, early in 1994. It was designed to teach letter sounds and three-letter words to children. Last summer, they brought out Sound It Out Land 2, which is designed to teach vowel and consonant blends and four- and five-letter words. This latest title for ages 4-6 introduces the silent 'e' rule, three-letter combinations (like 'tch'), and longer, multisyllabic words.

"Like its predecessors, Sound It Out Land 3 features a simple design. Four characters (Toucan Read, Reading Robot, Vowel Owl, or Sing-Along Sam), used throughout the series, take the child through instructive demonstrations both visually and through song. Each character teaches its own phonetic lesson. Since the lessons build on one another, beginners should proceed with the characters in sequence - Toucan, Robot, Owl, and Sam. After watching and listening to each informative lesson, children get to practice what they've learned. Each activity asks children to match items, such as pictures with words, or spoken sounds with sentences or syllables.

"Unfortunately, the series' basic presentation is beginning to show its age. This points out a problem that all series producers must eventually face. While it's reasonable to expect that a publisher would seek to maintain a consistent look and feel across a series of related programs, how can they do so without ignoring the state of the are in graphic design?

"In addition, Conexus could have expanded the number of activities it offers in order to provide more value (there's plenty of empty disc space here). However, even when you take these flaws into account, Sound It Out Land 3 still teaches basic phonics skills with charm and kid appeal."

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