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ZOOM Digital Sound Gallery, Volume 2
Sold Out (Win) (Jewel Case) (SOUNDG2PJ)

Voyetra Technologies, Inc.


Composer's Toolkit for Digital Orchestrator Plus

The Digital Sound Gallery Composer's Toolkit contains hundreds of pre-recorded drum loops, single hit percussion sounds, sound effects, bass riffs, song templates and more. The material is provided in Digital Orchestrator Plus' native .ORC file format, allowing you to easily audition the sounds right from the CD.

On this CD you'll find...

Drum Loops:
Hundreds of live recordings from some of LA's and NY's finest drummers. Styles include hip hop, rock, reggae, and more.

Drum Hits:
Single hit samples for creating your own drum parts or for adding fills over drum loops. Dozens of snare drums, bass drums, toms, cymbals and miscellaneous percussion, with many different flavors for each instrument from tight snare to big, gated snare sounds and more.

Bass Lines:
Funky bass loops to inspire your music. Cut-and-paste to create your own parts.

Industrial Grooves:
Machines and synth effect loops provide grinding rhythm tracks and textures for your compositions. These samples are a must for getting that "Euro-pop" sound!

Everything from screams to scratches, will bring your original compositions to life.

Music Construction Kits:
Create your own arrangements from these song templates. Dozens of musical patterns, melodies, fills and effects all designed to work together perfectly. Use Digital Orchestrator's drag-and-drop feature to quickly assemble your own arrangements.

Requirements: PC with Windows 3.1 or later, CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers or headphones, mouse or other pointing device.

Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Plus software (sold separately) is required for playing or editing files that combine MIDI and Digital Audio.

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