Digital Sound Gallery, Volume 1

Digital Sound Gallery, Volume 1 - Voyetra - Jewel Case - Win95/Win3.1 - Sold Out

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Multimedia Music & Sound Effects Library

Digital Sound Gallery, volume 1, is a rich and varied collection of digitally recorded sounds that you can use to embellish your multimedia presentations, augment your narrations, create sound tracks, assign sounds to Windows program events and more. Let your imagination go wild. The Gallery Guide file browser makes it easy to locate and audition the music and sounds. Play them as they are, or modity them with audio editing software such as the WinDAT application in Voyetra's Multimedia Audio Accessories (sold separately). You can also incorporate them into your MIDI music with Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Plus.

More than 475 WAV files

12 high-quality production songs in stereo:

Each in three lengths: 3-second stingers, 30-second samples and full-length arrangements.

8 piano classics by:

- recorded direct to digital in stereo.

More than 400 sound effects grouped by category:

Requirements: PC with Windows 3.1 or later, CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers of headphones, mouse or other pointing device. Digital audio editing software required for editing WAV files.

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