Solitaire Antics Solitaire Antics
Sold Out (Win 95/Wind 3.1/DOS) (Retail) (SOLITAIRPR)

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Game / Card Game

Suitable for all ages

21 Different Games and Three Levels of Difficulty

Solitaire Antics provides you with the 21 best solitaire games ever invented, each with three levels of difficulty. Over 55 animations with multimedia sound supply you with many extra hours of entertainment value. The new Royal Family card game was created for the enjoyment of your children.


  • Twenty one solitaire games, each with three levels of difficulty, provide hour after hour of entertainment.
  • Four decks of playing cards are included: Normal, Tarot, Mayan and Miniature.
  • Game winners are rewarded with multimedia animation treats.
  • Use one of the included bitmaps, or add any of your own.
  • Easy to use `double click' interface and special `send to foundations' controls greatly facilitate game play.


Windows 95. Windows 3.1 or DOS, 2MB RAM, 3MB disk space and mouse.

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